Sunday, December 5, 2021

End of the Timeline - This Blog will be Removed for the Most Part

 Hello folks.

Really quick, cause I have no time for side things.

My life demands me to sever all ties with computer games, their world story and their virtual realities as a whole. To explain it simply - games hurt my life so bad, that I finally realized I have to get away from them. More details and the full story - if you gain my trust and ask me in a private conversation. And do make sure the convo remains private after that.

So what happens with this blog? It will be archived. All the ideas, concepts, blog posts - they will be reverted to drafts and then deleted. Probably will leave the content until the end of the year and then, next year it all goes away. The only way for the general content of this blog to be viewed, will probably be via the wayback machine thing on the web.

Thank you for being with me in this journey. I made good friends here, it is true. I hope I can still communicate with you.

See you in reality.