Thursday, November 7, 2013

Multicapsule Ships - Going Further

Hi folks!

As I mentioned in Twitter, I will be focusing on the Multicapsule Ships concept. It's not just because it is really actual at the moment with the vision shared by CCP Seagull, having Rubicon as the first step in it, it's also because this is something that I love very much - it excites me, it's a challenge and it's all good. Just imagine when we, as capsuleers, start conquering newly discovered stars, building our own space routes and begin to struggle and fight for the abundant resources we find. We will have ultimate freedom and will face great dangers, some much greater that what we're used to deal with. This is why I have started to imagine what ships we will need to fly in order to deal with the harsh environments that we encounter deep in unknown space.

So, again, what are the Multicapsule Ships?

These ships represent a brand new class of large spacecrafts, capable to store multiple capsules in a specially designed shell that is put inside them - something like a big capsule that stores the small ones. In addition these ships are meant to store multiple frigates in special on-board bays. Whenever great dangers occur, the pilots may board the frigates, detach from the large ship and defend it like a small but powerful fleet. The multicapsule ship itself would give good bonuses to its frigates and aid them in battle. While inside the multicapsule ship the pilots may act as a crew and perform various on-board tasks such as multi-directional scan, cooperative probe scanning, control over some of the large ship weapons and modules, repair jobs and so on - all can be done inside the shell that hold the capsules or inside the capsuleer crew frigates.

I call these spacecrafts Multicapsule Ships, but this is actually a working title. They must have their own class title, must be something remarkable and fearsome. Actually if you have some good idea for their class name, please, don't hesitate to share it. It's all good.

The idea is that out there - deep in the Unknown, where no station services are present, we will have to survive on our own, sometimes waiting for a long time in order to discover the next suitable solar system, while defending our newly conquered territory. We will have to produce our ammo and modules on the fly, in our ships, gather whatever resources we can find in order to do so. We will have to deal with great dangers that lurk in this wild space - anomalies capable to destroy everything we've build out there, unexpected guests - capsuleers or not, eager to do what we want to do with all that we've found so far away from civilized space. We will find ancient artifacts, protected by insidious traps, and who knows what else. This is why we will have to stay closer together, in spacecrafts much more resilient than the ones we have today.

This is why I've started to imagine and develop this concept - the Multicapsule Ships. I started doing it long ago and now I see that it is more actual than ever.

If you are unfamiliar with this, you can start reading from its very beginning. It's a long read, be warned.

Now it's time to add the next parts to this concept, things are going further.