Monday, May 6, 2013

Focus on Your Passion


Today is such a good day. All these fireworks in space, the good spirit and joy flowing all around. Exciting times for our stellar realm.

I have two small gifts for our universe of EVE today. The first is the updated home page of the Black Pearl Project site and the second is this article. Enjoy. ^_^


Have you ever thought that it is not fair to learn Small Hybrid Turret to level 5 and use Hybrids very regularly and then when you meet someone else that has trained the same skill to level 5, they will still have the same skill bonuses, no matter how regularly they use small hybrids? What if you’re more passionate about small hybrids than them? Would it be good if you get rewards for practicing what you have learned with all that patience and determination you have applied to reach that skill level?

I feel the answer is “Yes”.

This is what this blog post will be about.

The idea is that when you’re really focused on a particular form of activity, you should get a lot better, compared to someone that is not that focused on the same activity. So let’s talk about two nice features that may affect us and make us very happy. They should be able to be applied to any Skill that we’re currently training or have trained already.