Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hunter Games

Hey, I got an idea!

Actually it was totally inspired by The Tuskers' DeathRace initiative, led by Rixx Javix, which felt so good! I missed the whole party, but I do see the reactions and I’m so happy. Thank you for this, Mr "Famous Pirate"!

The idea is called "Hunter Games".

It is influenced by some existing examples from books and films, I’m sure you will remember them. Basically it involves a bounty hunting pack, chasing a smaller group of fugitives that have a chance to defend and get out, following a define pattern in order to get their reward.

I think I have read about something similar in the EVE blogosphere, but haven’t heard anything about practicing it ingame.

To the point.

Let’s define the parties involved.

First we gotta have someone that would issue and organize Hunter Games. I will call these people Admins. Secondly – there should be one team of Hunters and of course, one team of Fugitives.

In general, Hunter Games may have two different versions: Player Made and Ingame Implementation. Let’s take a look at them.

Player Made

The Admins should promote their Hunter Games in public space or pick the teams some other way, defining the reward that Fugitives may get, the reward that Hunters may get, both may be different, and also defining the rules for the games.

Hunters and Fugitives teammate count ratio should be something like 2:1, 5:1, 10:2, 10:5, 20:5, 30:5 in all cases Hunters should have superior numbers.

Then the Admins should specify the starting point for each team. In order for the Fugitives to have some advantage, the Hunters should start several jumps away from the constellation where Fugitives team starts.

The Fugutives’ goal will be to find and reach named Secure Containers. These should be their checkpoints. All Checkpoint Secure Containers should be named and their names should be known by both Hunter and Fugitive teams (but not their location). Admins should tell Fugitives the passwords for all Secure Containers.  Once a member of the Fugitives team reaches a Checkpoint Secure Container he/she should enter the password, and get a specific item from there, let’s say 138 units of Zydrine (don’t ask why, I just picked this type) – like a code item or Key. Once they have the Key, they should tell Admins what it is exactly (in our case 138 units of Zydrine) in order for the Admins to confirm and tell them where they should look for the next Checkpoint Secure Container – they should point them to a new Constellation where the Checkpoint is hidden.

Hunters should also be looking for these Checkpoint Secure Containers in order to keep track of their prey. At the start of the games Admins should tell them the Constellation where the first Checkpoint is hidden. Once they find a Checkpoint, they should tell Admins its exact location and then Admins should tell them the Constellation where the next Checkpoint is hidden.

And here goes the fun part. Fugitives must be fast enough to locate the Checkpoints and get the Key items in order to advance further. Their reward will always await them in the last Checkpoint Secure Container. Only Fugitives would know the containers passwords. In case of slow performance it would be very probable that Hunters find the Checkpoints first and set some ambush for their beloved Fugitive bunnies. Once Fugitives reach their last Checkpoint and grab their reward, they should proceed to the last stage of their struggle – something I will call "The Final Run". Simple – Fugitives must reach a safe place – a station where they can keep their Reward Items. Until that happens the Hunter Game will not be over and Hunters will still have a chance to kill Fugitives and get a double reward – one time for killing the prey and second one for getting their Reward Items.