Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ancillary Propulsion Systems

Do you love ancillary things on your ship? I know you do.

So now it’s time for another Concept Module. It is called Ancillary Propulsion System.

This idea popped out when I was playing whit EFT, fitting a kiting Tristan. When I came up with an empty High Slot I just asked myself: “What if I could put some Propulsion module here?” Now you’re reading the answer to this question.

The Ancillary Propulsion System (APS) is meant to be a High Slot module and it would have its Small, Medium and Large variations. It would be able to use Cap Booster Charges and make a strong propulsion impulse, allowing the ship to boost its speed instantly, for a short period of time, in order to pull out of Webifier or Warp Scrambler/Disruptor range or charge into battle overcoming great distances, in combination with an Afterburner or MWD of course.