Thursday, November 7, 2013

Multicapsule Ships - Going Further

Hi folks!

As I mentioned in Twitter, I will be focusing on the Multicapsule Ships concept. It's not just because it is really actual at the moment with the vision shared by CCP Seagull, having Rubicon as the first step in it, it's also because this is something that I love very much - it excites me, it's a challenge and it's all good. Just imagine when we, as capsuleers, start conquering newly discovered stars, building our own space routes and begin to struggle and fight for the abundant resources we find. We will have ultimate freedom and will face great dangers, some much greater that what we're used to deal with. This is why I have started to imagine what ships we will need to fly in order to deal with the harsh environments that we encounter deep in unknown space.

So, again, what are the Multicapsule Ships?

These ships represent a brand new class of large spacecrafts, capable to store multiple capsules in a specially designed shell that is put inside them - something like a big capsule that stores the small ones. In addition these ships are meant to store multiple frigates in special on-board bays. Whenever great dangers occur, the pilots may board the frigates, detach from the large ship and defend it like a small but powerful fleet. The multicapsule ship itself would give good bonuses to its frigates and aid them in battle. While inside the multicapsule ship the pilots may act as a crew and perform various on-board tasks such as multi-directional scan, cooperative probe scanning, control over some of the large ship weapons and modules, repair jobs and so on - all can be done inside the shell that hold the capsules or inside the capsuleer crew frigates.

I call these spacecrafts Multicapsule Ships, but this is actually a working title. They must have their own class title, must be something remarkable and fearsome. Actually if you have some good idea for their class name, please, don't hesitate to share it. It's all good.

The idea is that out there - deep in the Unknown, where no station services are present, we will have to survive on our own, sometimes waiting for a long time in order to discover the next suitable solar system, while defending our newly conquered territory. We will have to produce our ammo and modules on the fly, in our ships, gather whatever resources we can find in order to do so. We will have to deal with great dangers that lurk in this wild space - anomalies capable to destroy everything we've build out there, unexpected guests - capsuleers or not, eager to do what we want to do with all that we've found so far away from civilized space. We will find ancient artifacts, protected by insidious traps, and who knows what else. This is why we will have to stay closer together, in spacecrafts much more resilient than the ones we have today.

This is why I've started to imagine and develop this concept - the Multicapsule Ships. I started doing it long ago and now I see that it is more actual than ever.

If you are unfamiliar with this, you can start reading from its very beginning. It's a long read, be warned.

Now it's time to add the next parts to this concept, things are going further.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Blast Rifle Concept

It’s been a while. Lot of things happened. I am happy to say that I’m back in EVE, roaming the New Eden skies once again, like a free capsuleer, thank God, feels so good to experience all that new stuff!

This time I got a little present for all of you, Clone Mercenaries out there. No need of fancy announcements, just take a look.

Click to Enlarge

What you’re looking at right now is called Gravimagnetic Plasma Rifle, but I really like to call it “Blast Rifle” because I have a blast every time I shoot with the prototype. It is designed to be a tactical anti-infantry weapon and it is even capable to fire at multiple targets at once.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Focus on Your Passion


Today is such a good day. All these fireworks in space, the good spirit and joy flowing all around. Exciting times for our stellar realm.

I have two small gifts for our universe of EVE today. The first is the updated home page of the Black Pearl Project site and the second is this article. Enjoy. ^_^


Have you ever thought that it is not fair to learn Small Hybrid Turret to level 5 and use Hybrids very regularly and then when you meet someone else that has trained the same skill to level 5, they will still have the same skill bonuses, no matter how regularly they use small hybrids? What if you’re more passionate about small hybrids than them? Would it be good if you get rewards for practicing what you have learned with all that patience and determination you have applied to reach that skill level?

I feel the answer is “Yes”.

This is what this blog post will be about.

The idea is that when you’re really focused on a particular form of activity, you should get a lot better, compared to someone that is not that focused on the same activity. So let’s talk about two nice features that may affect us and make us very happy. They should be able to be applied to any Skill that we’re currently training or have trained already.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Lesson for Rookies

The True Stories from the First Decade of EVE is something that makes me very happy. I also have a good story and I want to share it with you.

However – I still don’t have enough money to pay my subscription and even if I pay it I still need to buy a good graphics card, I found a good one in a local place, costs like 50 Euro, Palit Nvidia GeForce GT620 PCI-EX2.0 2GB DDR3 64bit, DVI/HDMI/CRT, I really like it, but maybe later. Finding a good job and ensuring a steady income is the priority now.

So, the deadline comes near, I think I can’t make it in time, that’s why I will post my story here.


Today I want to tell you a story that brings me back to YC 112 and the times when I was roaming the skies with the guys from the first Capsuleer Corporation that I joined. It doesn’t exist today, but memories remain and they are so bright. It is a story of respect and amazement.

It was the time when our officers invited us, rookies, to participate in a low-sec roam. We were instructed to buy some cheap and affordable frigates and meet our fleet commander at a rendezvous point. Our corporation headquarters was in Sasoutikh and we were supposed to roam the nearby systems for pirate rats and capsuleers. We were five or six men and our commander had the opportunity and responsibility to guide us through the roam and safely bring us back home.

We gathered together and headed to the nearest low-sec system. It was fun. We were instructed on how to bring up the watchlist, set up our voice communications and we were told the basics of roaming. We were exploring various places in each system, splitting up and seeking for targets. We found a lot of Sanshas – small fleets of frigates in belts, and there were cruisers and battleships too. This was the first time when I actually attacked a battleship with a frigate. The excitement of battling these large spiky ships was something memorable. It was a notable example on how even a small group of T1 frigates and one destroyer could tear apart a battleship escorted by a cruiser and two or three frigates.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Bots and Rogue Drones


Sentinel here.

I got a message for you. It’s about some disturbing events that may arise pretty soon. Well, what I’m gonna show you may look like some kind of contrived conspiracy theory, feel free to perceive it that way, doesn’t really matter, it’s all good.

Most of us are pretty aware of a new sort of AI technology that is used by some capsuleers, helping them amass wealth in a pretty passive way. Not sure how many of us know that these individuals have put some serious effort in developing cybernetic forms of organ attachments – something similar to the ancient concept of Positronic Brains. Such “organs” are well known to be used in developing of Androids. In our case things are a little bit different, since these capsuleers tend to use their own clones as hosts for the artificial attachments mentioned. The result is a strange symbiosis that represents human bodies with man-made cybernetic devices, implanted in their brain and other vital organs. Yes, we all call them Bots.

As these devices work together with the body organs, they use the advantages of human perceptions and activate predefined action chains, depending on present events. These Bots are programmed to take advantage of all available spaceship, planetary and starbase interface that is provided by various authorities in order to keep a good level of usability and accessibility to all the technologies used by pilots and citizens of New Eden. Having such power, Bots can adapt to various situations, more or less, taking decisions, surviving in dangerous places and so on. In general – they imitate actual capsuleers and even fly their spaceships. Like humans on autopilot. Most Agents take them for real pilots and work with them, giving them Missions and rewarding them when they complete tasks. Capsuleers on the other hand can easily distinguish Bots.

If you ask me, the endeavor of creating these “artificial capsuleers” deserves admiration. We all know that being a pod pilot is not a joke. There is serious technology involved, serious weapons, serious education, great responsibilities, great danger and great opportunities. Giving this challenging life to man-made creations is… brave. Very brave. And dealing with the consequences that may arise of such actions may require iron will and personal strength.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hunter Games

Hey, I got an idea!

Actually it was totally inspired by The Tuskers' DeathRace initiative, led by Rixx Javix, which felt so good! I missed the whole party, but I do see the reactions and I’m so happy. Thank you for this, Mr "Famous Pirate"!

The idea is called "Hunter Games".

It is influenced by some existing examples from books and films, I’m sure you will remember them. Basically it involves a bounty hunting pack, chasing a smaller group of fugitives that have a chance to defend and get out, following a define pattern in order to get their reward.

I think I have read about something similar in the EVE blogosphere, but haven’t heard anything about practicing it ingame.

To the point.

Let’s define the parties involved.

First we gotta have someone that would issue and organize Hunter Games. I will call these people Admins. Secondly – there should be one team of Hunters and of course, one team of Fugitives.

In general, Hunter Games may have two different versions: Player Made and Ingame Implementation. Let’s take a look at them.

Player Made

The Admins should promote their Hunter Games in public space or pick the teams some other way, defining the reward that Fugitives may get, the reward that Hunters may get, both may be different, and also defining the rules for the games.

Hunters and Fugitives teammate count ratio should be something like 2:1, 5:1, 10:2, 10:5, 20:5, 30:5 in all cases Hunters should have superior numbers.

Then the Admins should specify the starting point for each team. In order for the Fugitives to have some advantage, the Hunters should start several jumps away from the constellation where Fugitives team starts.

The Fugutives’ goal will be to find and reach named Secure Containers. These should be their checkpoints. All Checkpoint Secure Containers should be named and their names should be known by both Hunter and Fugitive teams (but not their location). Admins should tell Fugitives the passwords for all Secure Containers.  Once a member of the Fugitives team reaches a Checkpoint Secure Container he/she should enter the password, and get a specific item from there, let’s say 138 units of Zydrine (don’t ask why, I just picked this type) – like a code item or Key. Once they have the Key, they should tell Admins what it is exactly (in our case 138 units of Zydrine) in order for the Admins to confirm and tell them where they should look for the next Checkpoint Secure Container – they should point them to a new Constellation where the Checkpoint is hidden.

Hunters should also be looking for these Checkpoint Secure Containers in order to keep track of their prey. At the start of the games Admins should tell them the Constellation where the first Checkpoint is hidden. Once they find a Checkpoint, they should tell Admins its exact location and then Admins should tell them the Constellation where the next Checkpoint is hidden.

And here goes the fun part. Fugitives must be fast enough to locate the Checkpoints and get the Key items in order to advance further. Their reward will always await them in the last Checkpoint Secure Container. Only Fugitives would know the containers passwords. In case of slow performance it would be very probable that Hunters find the Checkpoints first and set some ambush for their beloved Fugitive bunnies. Once Fugitives reach their last Checkpoint and grab their reward, they should proceed to the last stage of their struggle – something I will call "The Final Run". Simple – Fugitives must reach a safe place – a station where they can keep their Reward Items. Until that happens the Hunter Game will not be over and Hunters will still have a chance to kill Fugitives and get a double reward – one time for killing the prey and second one for getting their Reward Items.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ancillary Propulsion Systems

Do you love ancillary things on your ship? I know you do.

So now it’s time for another Concept Module. It is called Ancillary Propulsion System.

This idea popped out when I was playing whit EFT, fitting a kiting Tristan. When I came up with an empty High Slot I just asked myself: “What if I could put some Propulsion module here?” Now you’re reading the answer to this question.

The Ancillary Propulsion System (APS) is meant to be a High Slot module and it would have its Small, Medium and Large variations. It would be able to use Cap Booster Charges and make a strong propulsion impulse, allowing the ship to boost its speed instantly, for a short period of time, in order to pull out of Webifier or Warp Scrambler/Disruptor range or charge into battle overcoming great distances, in combination with an Afterburner or MWD of course.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Logical Questions

Hello again.

I had a good conversation with a friend of mine and the readers of his blog. The conversation was focused on questioning people’s beliefs and understandings about God. It was a good dispute, very helpful and I’m thankful because now I have a set of logical questions that intuitively came to my mind.

OK, lots of people believe that there is no God, nothing created us, there are no supernatural forces, no divine energy and so on. The widespread idea among these people, some of them eminent scientist, is that our consciousness, our mind, our feelings, dreams and desires are formed by the complex combination of biochemical reactions in the brain, they speak about dopamine, serotonin, some other substances and so on.

Well, I am no expert in this sphere, but I asked myself some questions.

First. If our mind is formed by biochemical reactions that act like executable “programs” and trigger other “programs”, other reactions and if they all determine our behavior, then what is the difference between our brain and some computer device? There should be no difference: humans respond to the environment, computers respond to given commands and programs written by us.

But if we were computers, then how do QUESTIONS form in our mind? And more: How do DESIRES form? Some basic desires would probably form by chemical reactions, but what about ideas, creativity, curiosity, compassion? Are they chemical reactions? Would Art exist if we were just like computers that respond to the environment?

OK. There are reactions. But reactions are the product of some form of activity. Activity leads to reactions and then these reactions trigger other activities, but please notice that there must be activity at the first place. Now. If the human mind is formed by chemical reactions, then what is the Activity that triggered them? If the Big Bang is the reaction that created the Universe, then what is the Activity that triggered it?

Let’s go back to computers. They react, they respond to commands. But they do not have free will. If our mind is like computer that reacts and responds to given commands and environmental conditions, then how do we have free will? How do we make DECICIONS? How do we have IDEAS?

Activity comes from free will and reactions are the products of that activity. But activity is not a reaction. Reactions are the result. Our mind, our consciousness cannot be only made of reactions. There must be both Activity and Reactions. Otherwise we would be nothing more that machines, slaves, robots that don’t even think, they would just respond, not even aware of their existence.

It's not just logic that we have to apply here. We have to use our intuition and senses as well. All must be in harmony.

We’re made of Desire. And more.

We are Alive. And we do not even question it, we just know it.

I will leave the answers of all these questions to you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blast Energy Converters

Hi guys. I got some things to show you.

At the moment we’re experiencing the advancement of technologies in New Eden. More specifically I’m talking about Ancillary Shield Boosters and the upcoming Ancillary Armor Repairers. Not sure about you, but somehow I feel that regular Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters would become less attractive to fit and at a certain point I may say that they would be only used only in selected combat situations. Since I don’t want to leave their technology level static, I would like to offer some alternatives, show some love to them.

So this is what came to my mind.

Presenting the Blast Energy Converter (BEC).

This is a new Mid Slot module concept that would have its Small, Medium and Large variations. It would use an alternative way to provide extra energy for spaceship needs. It is meant to be used only when the ship is sustaining damage, taking advantage of the incoming blasts energy and use it to reduce the capacitor usage of some hungry modules like Shield Boosters, Armor Repairers, Shield Transporters, Remote Armor Repairers and so on.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Onboard Habitaion Modules

This idea is from the early days of the Black Pearl Project. It is linked to the Multicapsule Ships idea and it provides further details and more depth to the entire picture.

Multicapsule Ships may have onboard quarters for their crew. Each member may have their own small room and there might be rooms where all of the crew can get together. They can use these onboard habitation quarters for briefings or just for friendly talks during long autopilot travels into secure space. The individual rooms may provide some of the stationary Captain Quarters features like agent finders, Planetary Interaction and Recruiting screens and later on – body armor and firearm fittings, planetary map display etc. Crew members may have their own corners for their favorite items and there might be one big armory room for all of them so that they can get prepared for surface missions.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The New Beginning

We are now living in the first days of the New Year 2013. It will be awesome!

Not that 2012 was not. Actually the past year the year of abundance to me. Great things happened. New friendships. New opportunities. A lot of hiking. Man it was intense! Not just in a physical way, but also in spiritual. I keep noticing how some people are getting smarter, wiser, stronger, better. Everything is getting a lot better.

As for the end of the world that everyone was so crazy about – I spent it with friends high in the mountains, wading in snow up to our knees, drinking tea and after that we had a gossip with the owners of the small restaurant next to the hut, waiting for the electricity to come back. Sitting by a fireplace in a cozy wooden house feels so good. And there was a rainbow in the sky, so beautiful! It was a shiny day, full of satisfaction.

I’m sure that many of you know and feel that we have started something new this year. It is true. Don’t be afraid of the number 13. It doesn’t mean bad fortune. It means a new beginning. Olden books say so.

Our world of EVE got better than ever. I was so excited to read and watch all the improvements, the dev blogs, everything.

I’m so sorry for missing the holiday party in New Eden. I will return, hopefully soon, I feel I’m getting closer.

I’m sure that you also had a great year. And I’m sure that you also feel the power of 2013. So many exciting things are going to happen. It’s in the air.

I wish you the best of everything that has happened so far. Be free, feel more, love more!

Happy New Year!