Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Focused Shield Emitters for Dropsuits

It’s amazing how news and rumors spread at lightning speed throughout the galaxy. Probably I won’t surprise anyone if I tell you that they have recently discovered some Sleeper implant that instantly transfers consciousness, even at the moment of death. I’m sure you know that the Amarr were the first to implement this technology in their Templar program, creating soldiers dangerous beyond measure. Present day all the factions in the cluster are busy with researches and developing infantry dropsuits for their soldiers, equipped with this kind of device. Ground combat will soon become much heavier as they’re also developing more devastating weapons. 

I’m saying this because I have also been working on dropsuits in the past, mostly during my tuition in the Caille University and I am very excited to learn about things like these mentioned. I’m here to present some other piece of technology that has been in my lab database for ages and I think that it is finally time to show it to someone like you.

It’s about some new type of devices that are meant to become a part of dropsuits equipment.

They are called Focused Shield Emitters.