Sunday, July 22, 2012

Shield as a Weapon

Hey! Good news!

Right now I am working on an exciting new project. It’s about some new shield technology that would change the combat style of many capsuleers. Everything is still on the project table of course, but I’m hoping to attract some attention from the technology corporations out there, so that they can fund and realize the idea.

I will present the project right away.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Ammo Revolvers Idea Revised

Hello people!

It doesn’t have to be Monday to have a bad day and it doesn’t have to be Friday to have a good day. Seriously who said that Monday is a bad day anyway? I don’t believe in this nonsense.

So no matter what day it is today – it’s a great time to revise the Ammo Revolvers Idea.

I have thought of some clarifications and some work on the detail and also I have added my personal opinion regarding the balance of the idea.

When I started thinking of Amarr ships laser systems that have the advantage to quickly switch between various frequency crystal types, I thought that it is not fair. Adding the fact that most frequency crystals provide infinite ammo supply made me think that compared to other faction ships it is not fair at all.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Uncharted Space and Multicapsule Ships Further Notes


Reading the things that I wrote in my previous posts made me finally notice that I haven’t clarified some things about Multicapsule Ships and Uncharted Space. I can perfectly imagine what I mean by saying Uncharted Space but it seems that I haven’t explained it to you in detail. I apologize for that. Here is some clarification.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adding More to Multicapsule Ships

Here again.

Since I started to fiddle with the Multicapsule Ships idea these days (starting here and continuing here), now it’s time for the next part. Surprised? Yes? No?

Never mind.

As usual for my boring style of presentation I will answer some more of the questions that I ask myself while thinking on the idea and by some chance you may find out that you would ask the same questions, well… in case you are familiar with the topic. ;)

Let’s begin.

“How would Multicapsule Ship Captain and Crew perform their Exploration tasks? Would they need to equip a Probe Launcher on the host battleship and so lowering its firepower?”

Monday, July 2, 2012

Multicapsule Ships Again

Thinking more on the Multicapsule Ships idea leaded me to the next pieces that need to be added in order for it to be more or less thorough. 

So now I will answer some other questions that may come to your mind if you started to get familiar with the idea.

”It is said that Multicapsule Ships can obtain ores found in Uncharted Space. How exactly would that happen, keeping in mind that they would have their High Slots equipped with Large Turrets/Launchers so that they can defend themselves?”