Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blog Banter 30: Creating Fictional Characters and Beyond

The Character Creator in EVE Online is something extraordinary. As we all know, it has more than superior character editing options regarding avatar appearance, expressions and additional customizing options all giving players the unique freedom to create the perfect avatars just like they imagine them. The following idea is something that came up to my mind when I was trying to imagine the next level of advancements that this wonderful Character Creator would have.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Banter 30: Multicapsule Ships

This is one of the main Black Pearl Project ideas that quickly evolved and turned out into something big. Well I get so excited when I read it. Recent days I saw pictures and videos in the “EVE is Real” site that showed CCP concepts for Ship Crew and Customization. And I got to read some info in evelopedia submitted by the CSM. As far as I can see, my designs are completely different from theirs, but that doesn’t mean that they exclude each other.

This project proposes that the Crews should be presented by Players, not NPCs. Again – that doesn’t mean that my idea excludes what I saw in mentioned sites. See what I have done.

Multicapsule Ships that I will call Crew Ships or Host Ships (for short) are battleship sized vessels that have a Bay – it can house 5 to 9 crew capsules in a specially designed Shell. It can also house 4 to 8 frigates in docks in the Frigate Deck. The frigates can be boarded by the capsuleers in the Shell and then be deployed to assist the battleship. The captain capsule is also in the Shell in case he wants to relieve command to someone else and board a frigate.

Blog Banter 30: Ammo Revolvers

Ammo Revolvers are modules that allow three defined hybrid ammo types to be cycled the way that Amarr ships switch between frequency crystals. The Ammo Revolver has three cells that can be fitted with the desired hybrid ammo magazines. When switching between them their quantity remains and does not reload until the pilot commands so and there is no need for the magazine (cell) to be armed in order to reload. The ammo cells reload automatically only in the case when the pilot continues to activate the turrets and does not switch to another ammo cell. When right clicking on a turret or a group of turrets, the menu will show the three ammo types in cells and then expand for each cell showing all available ammo types and the option to reload the current type. These are the Hybrid Ammo Revolvers.

A New Beginning

Hello. Welcome to my blog.

My name is Veskin Sentinel.

Just a few days ago I finished my EVE related fansite that shows pieces of my latest project - Black Pearl.
Its a fanmade project inspired by EVE Online. I spent a lot of time to finish it. Took me more than a year. Now I want to send all of it to EVE Developers, hoping that it would inspire them and help them improve their wonderful game. I also wish to share my ideas with EVE Players out there, so that we discuss them and provide valuable feedback to the developers.

I will post ideas from my project and let you guys discuss them. I will also share and discuss new ideas and themes that come out during my journey in New Eden.

Will see you soon when I post some of my recent designs.

Fly Safe!