Sunday, March 15, 2015

Space Environment Interactions

Hi, folks!

It’s been a while.

First of all, I want to say sorry, I have been absent for so long. Dear God, I haven’t blogged since May 31st last year?! Well, there is an explanation for that. I was just busy. Oh, and I did not post anything about the New Year 2015?! Well, I gotta say that it started really well and I feel that its energy is rich and gentle. May it be a really good year for all of us!

The whole summer of 2014 I spent working as a night security guard, keeping a restaurant garden. And I gotta tell you that night jobs are not for me. I used to come back home in the morning and sleep until late afternoon (around 14:00). Then when I finally got up I used to feel very tired through the day and not in the mood to blog, because nothing really compensates for a good sleep during the night. When this job season finished in November, I quit and started making up my plans for the future.

Then suddenly I got this call - a chance for a new, really well payed job, with working hours during the day, with lots of young people around me and so on. I applied for it, there was two months of education and now I am in the 6 months trial period that will determine how well I am going and if I do well enough I will get the position. Nothing is certain at this point, but I have spent two months already, retouching photos in Photoshop, so things are pretty much in motion. Will see how it goes.

While during these two months I was really focused on doing it right at work and did not have much time to dedicate on blogging, I am now adapting to the new schedule I have and I feel more comfortable to go to the draft board again and finally resume the Voyager Spirit journey. Plus I hope to finally get a steady subscription to EVE. 

I noticed that I keep getting follows in Twitter, no matter how rarely I post something and I gotta say *Thank You*, guys, for all the attention, I am really happy that you like the ideas in the blog and my humble artworks, this means a lot to me. Will do my best to show you more.

Today’s post will be about Environments. And more precisely - Space Environments.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Multicapsule Ships in 2014 Part 2

Hi and welcome to the next part of the Multicapsule Ships concept development.

I’d like to mention some things that I recently find very important for Multicapsule Ships.

Best Frigate and Destroyer Choice

As I was thinking of further improvements of the concept I realized something: the fact that there will be many Multicapsule Ship pilots that will be exposed to the great dangers of Uncharted Space while flying in their frigates or destroyers. I’m sure they won’t like it. It is clear that Uncharted Space is also dubbed as Wormhole space here in New Eden and the uncharted space that I imagine particularly for this Multicapsule Ships concept is something very similar - just adding the idea that my concept refers to uncharted space as the stars in our galaxy adjacent to the stars that we have charted in our map.

So, however we call it Uncharted Space has always been dangerous. Especially for frigates and destroyers! When I was thinking in this direction I figured that pilots need some tougher ships when flying beside their Multicapsule Ship out in the wild. But what ships do we need?

The answer seems pretty simple right now. We need Tech 3 - Strategic Frigates and Strategic Destroyers! That is just about right! Survivability if the Multicapsule Ship crew will be increased dramatically when they fly in such ships. Seems like the natural choice to me.

This would generally mean that there may be fewer choice when it comes to frigates and destroyers for the crew, but there can still be some good variety if each race or faction has at least 4 different Tech 3 frigates and 2 different Tech 3 destroyers. Of course if these new ships have some fixed bonuses beside their subsystems bonuses, more variety can be achieved and there might be more different ships for each race or faction. There are many options here.

The limited cargo space in the Multicapsule Ship may restrict choices a little when pilots pick their subsystems, but they still would have a good choice when it comes to this.

Captain Access to Weapon Platforms

In the previous post I have mentioned that a Multicapsule Ship captain should be able to grant their crew access to the special Weapon Platforms on the ship. These platforms are like a secondary weapon system on the large ship that is needed in order to enable it to fight smaller targets. And I will just clarify that not only the capsuleer crew would be able to use these platforms - the captain should be able to use them as well. For example if the frigates or destroyers are out of their host ship and there are smaller hostiles to deal with, the captain should always be able to switch to the weapon platforms and aid their crew. Of course if they choose to do so, they should not be able to use the large (default) weapons at the same time.

I addition these Weapon Platforms should have good extended range since the large host ship would not be as fast as a frigate or destroyer.

These are the things that I wanted to add to the concept. I hope you enjoy them.

See you next time!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Missioning and Exploration Mixed with Live Events

Today I want to write something that has been sitting in my drafts box for a very long time. I’ve been waiting for the right moment to do this and the time has come. It’s about some things about EVE that I really want to see implemented. I’m gonna throw in some ideas, just like I always do, more precisely regarding Missioning and Exploration.

Missions that Involve PVP and Live Events

In my opinion one of the things in EVE that needs some additions is Mission Running. This may seem strange for most of you. I mean – why would someone ask for such thing when we do have all these PVP interactions that echo through our Universe and make us feel so good? Well, that’s exactly the point. I’m not going to talk about improvements for our regular daily Missioning dose for relaxation. I will just add something new to missions, something that would involve players engaged in missions and PVP at the same time. 

The first steps to achieving that funny thing I’m talking about may be some mechanics and interface tweaks that would encourage groups of people to gather together and do missions that would really have significant impact on storyline. Something that would involve a lot more risk and challenge as well as rewards beyond ISK and Loyalty points. Of course, if I was involved in implementing such changes, I would proceed with extreme caution and great focus on balance.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Priorities and Goals

Spring is here!

It’s finally getting warmer in my home and I feel enough comfort to start focusing on my main goals. I feel that I need to explain to you some things, such as why I have been blogging so rarely, why I don’t do much PVP in-game and why I’m sort of keeping this strange distance towards most of the people around me at this time. I usually not share this kind of stuff in the blog, but I feel I have to do this now, since it is important to quit hiding and speak when you have problems, because this opens some extra options for solving them.

Well… there is no easy way to say this, but I am broke for now. Even though I have found some job at the moment, I get my salary by the end of the month and if I don’t use like 80% of it for a piece of PLEX, I will be able to buy food for like three weeks. This is why I get some money at the end of each month and happen to be broke in the middle of the next one. It’s no good. It is not reasonable to try to get back to EVE while not having enough to cover my basic needs. Good thing my family gives me some support.

OK, I’m thankful for what I have, I really am. But this kind of life is just too heavy on me sometimes. I know I gotta get through this and this is what I’m doing. I just have to warn you that there may not be much new shiny stuff in the blog at least for this period of time. I need to set my priorities and right now the top priority is getting out of this mess, securing a steady income and creating an atmosphere comfortable enough for improving my Art skills while forging good connections with good people in the Concept Art sphere and maybe finding some really good friends while doing that.

So this is it, I will say it again – I may be too quiet or too loud, I may do weird things here and there, but this will only mean that I’m working my way around. I’m not sure if I will be roaming New Eden skies, not sure if I will post new things in the blog soon, but I will be here, focused on my main goal – improving my Art skills and going for Concept Art. 

A very early Concept sketch of a Gallentean Multicapsule Ship

Thank you for being with me in this!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Focused Shield Emitters - Part 2

Good news! I’ve been watching some streams of the action that goes on around clone troopers and I came up with some improvements on the Focused Shield Emitters for Dropsuits.

I have to say I’m pretty far away from Clone Troopers technology, I’ve never been on the ground to fight their intense wars, but I gather intel from here and there, so I still can propose some additions to their equipment.

As previously mentioned, the Focused Shield Emitters are devices that are capable to strengthen a define area of the Dropsuit shields and thus preserving the soldier. Since I realized that manual activation of these devices would be trouble, I started working on making them more automated.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Multicapsule Ships in 2014 Part 1

Here we are in the New Year 2014. May it be a glorious, fulfilling, exciting and blessed New Year for all of us! Happy New Year, folks! 

To whoever made this image: Thank you so much!

Today I want to add some more to the Multicapsule Ships concept. Things will be changed in an attempt to make everything better and better. This may be annoying to some of you, yes, things go in very different direction sometimes, but that’s all for the good.

Here we go.

In the previous post I have suggested that a Multicapsule Ship should have its large turret/launcher hardpoints and some additional Secondary Hardpoints that can be filled with the weapons of the smaller ships that the big one is carrying.

Well, as it turns out, this is not a good option, since it would limit the choice of frigates/destroyers that the capsuleer crew would use in order to fill the maximum number of Secondary Hardpoints. Besides, if the crew ships of choice are presented by ships of different race, there would be less coordination in terms of damage type modification when it comes to ammo choice. And last but not least – it would look aesthetically wrong to have a ship that fires, say, lasers and autocannons at the same time. This is why a different approach is needed here.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Multicapsule Ships - Going Further

Hi folks!

As I mentioned in Twitter, I will be focusing on the Multicapsule Ships concept. It's not just because it is really actual at the moment with the vision shared by CCP Seagull, having Rubicon as the first step in it, it's also because this is something that I love very much - it excites me, it's a challenge and it's all good. Just imagine when we, as capsuleers, start conquering newly discovered stars, building our own space routes and begin to struggle and fight for the abundant resources we find. We will have ultimate freedom and will face great dangers, some much greater that what we're used to deal with. This is why I have started to imagine what ships we will need to fly in order to deal with the harsh environments that we encounter deep in unknown space.

So, again, what are the Multicapsule Ships?

These ships represent a brand new class of large spacecrafts, capable to store multiple capsules in a specially designed shell that is put inside them - something like a big capsule that stores the small ones. In addition these ships are meant to store multiple frigates in special on-board bays. Whenever great dangers occur, the pilots may board the frigates, detach from the large ship and defend it like a small but powerful fleet. The multicapsule ship itself would give good bonuses to its frigates and aid them in battle. While inside the multicapsule ship the pilots may act as a crew and perform various on-board tasks such as multi-directional scan, cooperative probe scanning, control over some of the large ship weapons and modules, repair jobs and so on - all can be done inside the shell that hold the capsules or inside the capsuleer crew frigates.

I call these spacecrafts Multicapsule Ships, but this is actually a working title. They must have their own class title, must be something remarkable and fearsome. Actually if you have some good idea for their class name, please, don't hesitate to share it. It's all good.

The idea is that out there - deep in the Unknown, where no station services are present, we will have to survive on our own, sometimes waiting for a long time in order to discover the next suitable solar system, while defending our newly conquered territory. We will have to produce our ammo and modules on the fly, in our ships, gather whatever resources we can find in order to do so. We will have to deal with great dangers that lurk in this wild space - anomalies capable to destroy everything we've build out there, unexpected guests - capsuleers or not, eager to do what we want to do with all that we've found so far away from civilized space. We will find ancient artifacts, protected by insidious traps, and who knows what else. This is why we will have to stay closer together, in spacecrafts much more resilient than the ones we have today.

This is why I've started to imagine and develop this concept - the Multicapsule Ships. I started doing it long ago and now I see that it is more actual than ever.

If you are unfamiliar with this, you can start reading from its very beginning. It's a long read, be warned.

Now it's time to add the next parts to this concept, things are going further.