Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Team Puzzle Makers

I want to type a little something about puzzles. More precisely about people that make puzzles. In EVE, obviously.

It is basically an idea for a better content management when it comes to Exploration, Archaeology and PVE (with potential to lead to PVP) in EVE, in general.

I have been thinking about the teams of devs that are busy with making the Drifter/Triglavian shenanigans, the story bits, the mysteries that we have to uncover. All of their efforts were warmly met and they brought much excitement and stir in the cluster. And I would like to say that this type of story-crafting and content is actually a catalyst for more player-made content. I mean - a symbiosis between dev-made content and player-made content should always exist in the game, so that the stories that come out of it are in line with the EVE narrative.

That said, it looks clear to me that we need a dedicated large team of CCP devs, that would lovingly create pieces of the puzzle for us to discover. Pieces of the story puzzle. Mysteries. Hidden lore items. Special missions for us to complete, ones that would have an impact on the story. Strange things for us to discover, hidden in remote systems. Or maybe hidden in plain sight, just needing to be discovered by special means. Clues, that would give answers and bring more questions.

I am not saying that present time we don't have enough devs working on these things. I just want to propose and idea about an official, dedicated large team of devs, that would be busy creating content-triggers not just for special occasions, but on a monthly basis, season basis, whatever applies better.

So, how about creating a dedicated team of devs, called Team Puzzle Makers?

Here in New Eden, we love to find clues about the story. Pieces of the puzzle, hidden here and there. Bits of information, that would shed light on the numerous mysteries in the universe. Like the last Triglavian mysteries. They brought so much player interest in the story.

But first someone has to make these puzzle pieces and then scatter them across the systems, hide them where only the smarter of us can find them. I am talking of a team of devs, that would have various tasks, all dedicated to making special content.

Be it hidden exploration sites, discoverable with some sort of a key, containing facilities that need to be hacked and looted, the loot being some key, or some nice info, leading to the next mystery and so on. Or small bits of info on various objects, that would lead to answers, or approximate coordinates, about where to look for the next step or clue.

Most of these things can also be combined while utilizing a new proposed game mechanic, involving a module, that I call Spectral Analyzer (IC post). There is a lot of potential here, and the methods, by which such things can be achieved, are numerous.

The trick here will be to introduce various "paths" of clues, that we would follow, in order to solve a mystery, gain more story knowledge, find some special items and so on. And these special "paths" should be numerous. And sometimes - branching into numerous other "paths". And this already is a lot of work. But I hope that with the generous funding from the Pearl Abyss acquisition of CCP, there can be enough resources for assembling such team and improving similar existing teams, for that purpose.

Of course, things like this, would be possible in a better way, when CCP manages to create various nice tools for better mission creating, site creating an so on.

I am not a director or a certified game designer and I definitely don't have enough experience and deep knowledge of the lore and mechanics of EVE, but I am suggesting this, cause I feel that there is so much potential in EVE - for everyone to craft an unique story. It is easy do demand more, even though our devs are doing so much already, and I do understand that creating such deep gameplay is not simple. But it would be awesome to have!

So, please, CCP, consider creating such a team, or empowering the team that makes the Triglavian/Drifter stuff. I think it is called Team Phenomenon. Empower them with more members and more nice tools of creation. It will be essential for the further development of EVE and it will make sure that whenever some capsuleer, or clone trooper, wants some mysteries to solve, they will have nice options.

I love to share ideas like these. I hope you guys like them.

Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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