Monday, March 12, 2018

Dedicated Lore and Storyline Changing Missions

I have some more ideas for some new gameplay in EVE, especially dedicated for Roleplayers in the game.

Specially crafted missions, given to noted Roleplayers, that involve all kinds of activities and have outcomes that may influence the story of the game.

These missions would vary in activities and would be given to roleplayers and their organizations via special official, or not so official agents from various factions (NPC actors from CCP). They would have various outcomes, depending on how well the capsuleers complete them. Some missions would be official, but most of them would require discretion.

The missions themselves should be similar in design to existing agent missions - involving a site in space, that may have structures, enemy ships, various environments, things to hack etc. But they should be really challenging, like anomic missions, or even more challenging - involving a fleet of dedicated pilots, that should fill in specific roles in fleet or defeat a greater force of enemies, pick up items while under fire, things like that and anything in between. Of course they should not always be combat missions. Some may require exploration, stealth and reconnaissance, or maybe hauling some cargo through dangerous territory.

But instead of having one possible outcome, these missions should have multiple outcomes, depending on the situation and the way the pilots complete them, while pushing various hidden triggers in the mission structure. Then, depending on how the mission has been completed, there should be some different outcome, that may influence the story in a hidden or obvious way.  This may be the biggest challenge in developing these missions. The first steps should be something simple.

For example - a small mission that involves killing some tough ships of a given faction, that guard a facility with important blueprints. Then there should be a given deadline for handing over the blueprints to the agent. If the pilots decide to keep the blueprints (for which they may have a roleplay incentive), then, after the deadline, something should happen in the story. Then, after a while, there should be some other agent that pops up and say: "You did good by keeping those blueprints, now here is a reward/new mission (that would lead to other story development)" etc. Of course, if the pilots decide to hand over the blueprints in time, the story should follow in a different path.

And if the mission requires discretion, there should always be a possibility for someone to disclose the mission to the public, which will then lead to another outcome. But overall, even if they keep quiet, after a given time, the agents will allow the roleplayers to disclose details of the mission, so others can learn that such missions exist and are dedicated to notable roleplayers. Of course, some missions will require complete silence from the roleplayers, cause they will be too sensitive. In that case, only they will know what stands behind the crazy news of strange twists and plots, that have surfaced in the media.

The next step in evolving these special missions is to make entire Epic Arcs, that would be dedicated specifically to a roleplayer group that is involved in particular activities. Again - these Epic Arcs should have various outcomes, with different meaningful choices to make along the path, each having a different outcome. These Epic Arcs may not be as long as the existing ones, maybe involving up to 10-15 missions, but they should be unique and non-repeatable. They should be tied to the story at a given time.

This will require some personal touch from CCP, so that roleplay and immersion is rewarded in an unique way.

Overall these missions should be rare. But they will require a dedicated team of mission creators, that may be otherwise busy creating more and more missions for everyone to access, but again, these special missions should be dedicated to notable roleplayers. Something like a reward for their dedication and immersion into the game, a sign of CCP's gratitude.

Of course - these are some long term concepts, for when CCP succeed in making some new dedicated and flexible mission building tools.

These are the things that I imagine.

Oh and did I tell you guys, that I am excited about Fanfest already? Because I am! Not going, but will watch the stream.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

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