Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Reflections on Our Society and the System

I've been thinking over these things for quite some time now. The sense of "wrongness" that I have been having over the last few years is notable, however I do feel that there are plenty of people out there that are concerned about our society, and are doing their best to help. There is hope and things are changing for the good, thanks God.

If we are to build our better world today, we need to know the reasons behind our struggles, we need to define the things that challenge us, and then we need to come together, as a community, and do our best to solve the puzzle.

Just recently I stumbled upon a very nice video, called "Sacred Economics with Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film", in which the author explains the hurdles that many of us face, and the wrong things about our system, as well as the way we can solve many of these problems and have a meaningful life. Just watch it here, it is beautifully explained.

It is the immediate need of money that hinders many people's growth, the one that is there even for our most basic needs in life. How did we come to this? In the past there was some other mentality - the one that said: "If you don't work, you don't deserve to eat." And we looked at this and laughed and just did our jobs. But today things are different. The noose around many people's necks is more tight than ever. Many of us are forced to work and their work sucks, they hate it, but they feel like they have no other choice. The work rewards seem to be growing, but the salaries are merely enough to cover just the basic needs and not enough for a person to grow and have a meaningful life. Work another day, so that you can live another day, so that you can work another day. There is no wisdom in that, it is the opposite of freedom. It is a real slavery, but kinda soft and subtle, you don't realize it until you suddenly see that you hate your life, pray that Monday never comes and wish that weekend never goes away. It is wrong.

Many of us just can't take it anymore. We need to change the way things work in our society. But it is not just the common people's job to do this. The people on top of the social ladder, the ones in power, the ones in possession of billions upon billions - they should also be concerned about all this (and many of them are), if they care about any of us.

I have been thinking... what exactly do you do with tens of billions in your account? You keep them in a vault and swim in them? You buy a spaceship and prepare to leave the planet if the climate changes too drastically for humans to live here? Or maybe you can buy a cloning facility, make yourself some clones and ensure your immortality? You and your family will never spend that amount of money, nor will your children and their children and so on. So it is ridiculous and selfish to just keep such resources only for yourself, you will hardly need all of them.

It is clear I don't see the entire picture. It will be really interesting to see the way that money circulates in the economy. I wonder if there are any graphs about this. But even without graphs it is clear that wealth distribution is uneven, to a point that things are just not fair anymore. Someone would say: "Of course things are not fair, they never were, deal with it!". Well, I guess I will. But that is not why we've built our society.

And here is something about the economy - something that needs to be stressed. We - our society - created the economy in order for it to serve us, so that we can satisfy our needs. But what do we have present time? Most of us live serving the economy. Looks like things are just upside down here. This is why so many of us can't take it anymore. All of us want to do something good in our lives. But how do we do it when most of us receive a salary that is barely enough to cover our basic needs? And our job takes more than 8 hours every workday leaving us tired and unable to do much more. The world is changing and we need new systems that will allow us to adapt to the environment and have meaningful lives. This is why I support the idea of Universal Basic Income. This idea is also getting support from society leaders and entrepreneurs.

If you ask most of the wealthy and successful people about the reason of their success, they will tell you that they had a higher purpose at the very beginning. That is right - if you start a business with the sole idea to make profit, you will never be satisfied, even if you do make a lot of money. What is more important here is the impact on the society that your business will have. And if it is for everyone's good, you will see the true blessing that life can be.

I recently heard Mark Zuckerberg's Commencement address at Harvard and his words are very inspiring. This gives me hope that the leaders in our society do have the right attitude towards the world that we all love. Let's hope more and more of them have these values and qualities. Words have power, but deeds have more power. And we're all in this together, so it is best to contribute however we can.

I'm typing these thoughts, trying to share some good information and maybe to inspire someone or just give them hope. I am sure many of us have already noticed the way things are changing and maybe our society leaders just need a little push in the right direction. I would love to be able to do this, but right now I must focus on fixing my life as well the life of my family.

I am diagnosed with schizophrenia, it is currently reduced to an OCD, thanks to the medications I take every day. I guess what doesn't kill you makes you stronger... Thanks God, I am doing fine. Over the course of my life I have noticed something. Over and over again, through the years, I have been doing the same mistake: making a compromise and taking a job that I don't like, pressed by the immediate need of money. And over and over again, I have been quitting these jobs, with bitter feelings, sometimes quitting after a burnout.

You see, one of my biggest dreams is to become a Concept Artist and Illustrator, creating stuff for games. I also have projects for 3D modelling. Art is what I love to do.

And when I feel pressed by the immediate need of money, I have to evaluate my options and make a compromise - choosing a job that involves something that I don't really want to do, but I have to do it in order to have the money needed to survive and maybe get the tools needed to pursue my Art dream. Even if I find a part-time job (which is hard in my country), I would need to split my time and that would mean slower progress in my Art endeavors. I tried to combine a full time job with art lessons and I just couldn't do it, cause after 8-10 hours of working on a computer, assembling clothes photos using digital art tools, I just felt too tired to do anything else. So this time I am looking for a part-time job. It is, again, a compromise, but I cant just rely on my mother's pension, which is what I do when I am unemployed. My mother would gladly share her pension with me and my brother, but this is not how things are supposed to be.

If I had the option to receive a Basic Income, things would be different. I would have all the time and resources to pursue my passion. And it would not be just for my benefits - with my art I would inspire people and make them feel good and more connected to Nature, so this would be for the good for everyone!

Some would say that it is better to earn your money, rather than receive them as a social aid, you know it just feels better and makes you proud of yourself. That would be true if things were fair and the wealth distribution was even. It is not.

I actually want to thank my family and our close friends and all other folks that are with us. Your continuous support is a blessing.

Earlier this year my father passed away. We will always remember him and all the good deeds that he has done. I love you, Dad, I miss you. Thank you for all you have taught me and all you have given us.

Even though I am unemployed at the moment, I feel loved and supported, which gives me the foundation to build a better life. Thanks God. So maybe I should not complain and ask for further help, but sometimes I feel down and wish there was a way for my family to get a solid support, so that we can live a better life and help other people around us, like we always have.

I am not greedy, I just need to have my basic needs covered, in order to pursue my passion. So if Basic Income was a thing in my country and if I could specify the amount of money that I need, I would just ask for 250 Euros a month. This is like pocket money for most Europeans, but it is more than the basic salary in Bulgaria. 250 Euros translate to 500 BGN (my local currency). They calculated that an average man would need 1000 BGN to survive and cover their basic needs, but here we have learned to survive with less, we're like wizards...

And if Basic Income was a thing where I live, and if I could receive a basic income of 250 Euros, do you know what? I would ask for these benefits to be redirected to someone else, as soon as I become a successful artist, as soon as I start to benefit greatly from my art. Yes - because I don't need more. And if I make plenty of money from my art, I would give the excess money to someone that needs it, I would join a Basic Income fund and give money so that they can be distributed to the ones that need them most. It is a matter of mentality. Imagine what will happen if all of us had the opportunity to do so.

So if you are a society leader and reading this: please hurry and make platforms for connecting society through a Universal Basic Income. At least for the people with disabilities and mental illness. Start with them. If you do so, you will make a great impact in the world for the good of everyone. In these platforms we can educate people and ensure they only ask for what they need. You will see that people are not greedy, nor lazy, they just want their basic needs covered in order to be more creative and pursue their true passions.

Sometimes, when I think of all this, I compare the life in our society with life in the wild. You see, animals in the wild don't have anything guaranteed, they hunt, they search for food, they fight for survival every day. And when I look to our human society I see the same thing, but it is way more complicated than life in the wild. And I ask myself: "Is this natural?" Maybe it is, but it is also natural to help each other, and it is not only a human quality. So if we could help each other with Basic Income, it would also be natural. In our society we have the power to do that.

So now I will focus on fixing our family's life. Will search for a part-time job. And will do my best to get the tools i need and to learn the art lessons I find.

In the meantime I will also read this book, written by Charles Eisenstein: "Sacred Economics: Money, Gift & Society in the Age of Transition". It looks interesting and after watching the video, I feel that this book will help us understand how we can change our society. Will read it and share my impressions in the blog.

Thanks for reading! See you again!


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