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Veskin Sentinel DED Public Profile

Personal Message


I am Veskin Sentinel, capsuleer and a graduate of the Caille University. Back there I spent my time working on various disciplines and developing prototype capsuleer and clone trooper technology, which is what I am still doing present time. I am also developing my artistic skills, since Art is my greatest passion.

You can browse this GalNet Blog if you want to check out my designs and projects.

Concord DED Public Capsuleer Data

Name: Veskin Dimiter Sentinel

  Height: 181cm
  Weight: 79kg
  Hair Color: Brown
  Eyes Color: Green

Date of Birth: 09 October YC 84
Place of Birth: Intaki Prime
Race: Gallente
Bloodline: Intaki
Capsuleer Initiation and Clone Activation: 12 September, YC 112

Education: University of Caille
Education Degrees:
  Ecology and Preserving the Environment
  Planetary Terraforming
  Spacecraft Technologies
  Spacectraft Module Developing
  Dropsuit Developing
  Planetary Vehicle Developing

Main Abilities: Artist

Status: Gallente Citizen, member of Sapphire Interstellar Capital Holdings

Political Alignment: Not stated

DED Threat Assessment: Low


Born in a family that operates mid-place between baseliners and capsuleers. Shown affinity to Art, Nature and innovative technologies at an early age. Later on he has showed interest in spacecraft and planetary vehicle designs. His younger brother shows interest to spacecrafts as well. Finishes beginners school in Intaki Prime together with his brother.

After that family moves to Bourynes to help their sons in their further studies. During both brothers high-school education the family has had experienced financial struggles. Despite that they manage to give both brothers proper education (finished YC 97) and later on in YC 103 Veskin applies to study at the University of Caille.

During that period Veskin has showed promising results in various disciplines, especially in new capsuleer tech developing, which opens opportunities for him to enroll into the Capsuleer program while continuing to develop his studies and projects. It is unclear how exactly he has found the funds to apply for the program, but no illegal activity has been detected on that matter.

Veskin finishes the Capsuleer program and is initiated in 12th of September YC 112.

After his Capsuleer initiation, he works with the corporation Ludus Principatus Terrae, until its disbanding sometime between YC 112 and YC 113.

After that he joins Stay Frosty (YC 115), a famous pirate corporation that later on has become a part of A Band Apart. alliance - a pirate entity with various spheres of activity all across the cluster. Not much illegal activity is detected on Veskin's side during that period.

The most notable activity in that period is his participation in a legal High Security war between A Band Apart. forces and Winfield Star-Tech corporation. Information sources indicate that the war has been started due to an attempt by the pirate alliance to liberate many customs offices from high taxation. The customs offices that Winfield Star-Tech had owned at the time, have been located in various systems in the Frar constellation in Metropolis region, and have been destroyed and replaced. Reports say that this move have been welcomed by local residents and capsuleer organizations casting an unusual light on A Band Apart. alliance which is most famous with its illegal activity in Low Security space.

In YC 118 Veskin joins Sanxing, a humanitarian organisation within the Lirsautton system, an entity aiming to aid the people of Jin-Mei in their endeavors to end the civil war on their home planet of Lirsautton V, and restore its peace and prosperity. Sanxing has been working together with the Villore Assembly and with the aid of capsuleers the civil war ends in June, YC 118. That is before Veskin joins Sanxing, but during that time he actively participates in the Tei-Su (Lirsautton V) relief effort, organized by Sanxing. 

After he joins Sanxing, Veskin has been actively participating in the corporation humanitarian activities. Later on he and his corpmates have been defending the residents of the Ysiette constellation from Blood Raider raids during that period.

At the beginning of YC 119 Sanxing corporation suffers internal damage caused by one of their members, which then escalates to a full scale war between Sanxing and various entities including Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, Phoenix Naval Systems, Monyusaiya Industry Trade Croup, and associated mercenary companies. During that war Sanxing loses all its orbital infrastructure in the system as well as an Astrahus citadel in orbit of Tei-Su. Some time later the corporation capsuleer core disbands, leaving only a skeleton crew of baseliners to continue the humanitarian efforts in the system.  

After that Veskin and his close friend Kuan Yin Arashi form a small corporation called An Ode to Lamia's Autumn, aiming to focus on developing new technologies for Capsuleers and Clone mercenaries use. Present day Kuan has been retired from capsuleer activities and runs a farm in Bourynes II. Veskin operated the corporation and continued in his efforts to bring new technologies to the cluster.

Later on Veskin became a member of Sapphire Interstellar Banking Solutions, a startup corporation, offering various services to the cluster.

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