Saturday, July 18, 2015

Capsuleers - Builders of Worlds

It is time to look to the future. The future of our interstellar realm lies closely with us. Closer than some of us think. It is clear that given the tools that CCP has created for us, we, capsuleers create content and it is really good. We even create our own tools that we use to create more content. It is awesome that we are able to do so. Keeping these things in mind, let’s look at some possibilities that may make our lives in New Eden even more exciting.

Starting off with Planetary Interactions combined with Avatar Gameplay

One day we will be able to land on planets and do a lot of stuff down there. Imagine that for a moment. Have you ever wanted to roam the Jungles of Intaki Prime? Or land on a Lava planet? Explore an Icy world looking for some hidden relics? Or see the Amarrian city of Dam-Torsat? See the Gallentean Crystal Boulevard in Caille? There are countless locations to be visited. I personally prefer wild areas but then again it is good to come back to the comfort of civilization from time to time.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Tough Decisions - Update

In my previous post I described an uneasy situation in my life with a difficult choice that I had to make. I was sure that I got two options - to work a well paid full time job that leaves me no time for my artistic passions, or to quit the job and start learning drawing and painting. Time for a little update on that.

It appeared that I have more options than I first thought. A few days ago I almost got fired, because my boss was not satisfied with the work I did. So contract is cancelled, but they offered me a freelance job from home. I will basically do the same things that I did at the office, but they will pay me per article, which means the salary size will vary depending on the job that I have done through the month. The good thing is that I will work from home and will definitely have the space and time to do my art. Will see how it goes. If I still don’t have enough time to draw then I will eventually go back to my previous intention to quit the job, but if I manage to do some drawing exercises, then  I guess I will keep this job. The point here is to take my time and choose wisely.

At this point I will keep myself away from rushed decisions, because in a situation like this I have to look around and see what other options I have. And there is definitely a better solution in this situation. Why having to choose between good income and art exercises when you can have both? I’m glad things happen this way, thanks God, there are good options. I must also show respect to these people giving me the chance to work with young and nice folks and get nice income, because, you know, this is still something and should be appreciated. And I have to say that it is a good thing to be thankful for what you already have, because that is the way to open the gate tor other good things to come into your life. I put myself in this situation and there is no one else to blame, but me. And I gotta use what I have and get things better.

I want to thank you all for your support. Thank you for being with me in this. I got contacted by people from the EVE community and they were happy to give me some encouraging words and advice. This made me very happy, you guys are the best.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Tough Decisions

These days some new stuff happened to me. I won’t get in too much detail, but here is the thing.

I have to make a choice. A serious one. I have to choose between having a well paid full time job on one side and on the other side is the road to achieving my dream: to be a Concept Artist making stuff for games and movies. The thing is that I cannot do both things together. My job takes up too much of my time and at the end of the day if I want to sit and draw my art stuff I just can’t do it, because I am too tired and engaged with work. I tried. Didn’t work.

For my country standards this job is really well paid - way above the average. I retouch photos for virtual catalogs and for print. And while it does take some artistic skills to do this, it is actually the worst thing an artist can do for living. But my family and relatives like the financial security that comes from this, they are proud of me having this job. While I tried to explain to them that times have changed and now digital artists and artist as a whole are much more wealthier especially when it comes to Concept Art, 3D modelling, effects creating and such, they still seem to be far from understanding it. From my family only my brother really supports me.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Ways to Improve Exploration

Good day!

This post is especially made for the good of Exploration!

I live in wormhole space. Really good experience. I have been learning the basics, scanning, scouting, making bookmarks, using  nice 3rd party apps, doing Planetary Interaction, hauling stuff, bashing Sleepers, salvaging and other stuff. Among all things I see one aspect of these activities that really needs improvements:

Probe Scanner and Scan Results/Bookmark Sharing

Yes, improvements in this sphere. We need them badly. Especially when it comes to sharing a multitude of scan results that we have just spend a long time picking up. From my experience in wormhole space I can tell that when you have to bookmark, say, about 30 signatures, things can get complicated. Basically it means spending a lot of time bookmarking each signature one by one, setting a relevant name and so on.

But what can be done to make things better? I got some things to offer.

Probe Scanner Memory and Coordinates Lists

Have you ever wanted your Probe Scanner to remember your last scan results in a system and keep them for you to view after you leave that system? It is pretty annoying that it currently doesn't do that. Present time when someone is scanning multiple wormholes and wants to check where they lead to, they have to bookmark each sig either from the Probe Scanner list or if they want to know their type they have to warp to each, bookmark them noting down their type and then jump through each to see where they lead to. If the exploring capsuleer decides to go through a wormhole before doing all these things, their scanner will forget the results and when they come back to see where the other wormholes lead to, they would have to do the scan again. Well, it may be a common thing for a seasoned pilot to bookmark first and check later, but again, with multiple things to bookmark it may take a large portion of their time to pick them one by one.

What I suggest is that there should be a small button or ticker box in the Probe Scanner that would make it memorize the scan results in each system that you have scanned and keep them as bookmarks in a neat interactive list, one list per system and all such lists should be stored in a special folder for example. Such folder may be stored in Personal Bookmarks and maybe it would be nice if it could be accessed via the Probe Scanner.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Space Environment Interactions

Hi, folks!

It’s been a while.

First of all, I want to say sorry, I have been absent for so long. Dear God, I haven’t blogged since May 31st last year?! Well, there is an explanation for that. I was just busy. Oh, and I did not post anything about the New Year 2015?! Well, I gotta say that it started really well and I feel that its energy is rich and gentle. May it be a really good year for all of us!

The whole summer of 2014 I spent working as a night security guard, keeping a restaurant garden. And I gotta tell you that night jobs are not for me. I used to come back home in the morning and sleep until late afternoon (around 14:00). Then when I finally got up I used to feel very tired through the day and not in the mood to blog, because nothing really compensates for a good sleep during the night. When this job season finished in November, I quit and started making up my plans for the future.

Then suddenly I got this call - a chance for a new, really well payed job, with working hours during the day, with lots of young people around me and so on. I applied for it, there was two months of education and now I am in the 6 months trial period that will determine how well I am going and if I do well enough I will get the position. Nothing is certain at this point, but I have spent two months already, retouching photos in Photoshop, so things are pretty much in motion. Will see how it goes.

While during these two months I was really focused on doing it right at work and did not have much time to dedicate on blogging, I am now adapting to the new schedule I have and I feel more comfortable to go to the draft board again and finally resume the Voyager Spirit journey. Plus I hope to finally get a steady subscription to EVE. 

I noticed that I keep getting follows in Twitter, no matter how rarely I post something and I gotta say *Thank You*, guys, for all the attention, I am really happy that you like the ideas in the blog and my humble artworks, this means a lot to me. Will do my best to show you more.

Today’s post will be about Environments. And more precisely - Space Environments.