Saturday, May 31, 2014

Multicapsule Ships in 2014 Part 2

Hi and welcome to the next part of the Multicapsule Ships concept development.

I’d like to mention some things that I recently find very important for Multicapsule Ships.

Best Frigate and Destroyer Choice

As I was thinking of further improvements of the concept I realized something: the fact that there will be many Multicapsule Ship pilots that will be exposed to the great dangers of Uncharted Space while flying in their frigates or destroyers. I’m sure they won’t like it. It is clear that Uncharted Space is also dubbed as Wormhole space here in New Eden and the uncharted space that I imagine particularly for this Multicapsule Ships concept is something very similar - just adding the idea that my concept refers to uncharted space as the stars in our galaxy adjacent to the stars that we have charted in our map.

So, however we call it Uncharted Space has always been dangerous. Especially for frigates and destroyers! When I was thinking in this direction I figured that pilots need some tougher ships when flying beside their Multicapsule Ship out in the wild. But what ships do we need?

The answer seems pretty simple right now. We need Tech 3 - Strategic Frigates and Strategic Destroyers! That is just about right! Survivability if the Multicapsule Ship crew will be increased dramatically when they fly in such ships. Seems like the natural choice to me.

This would generally mean that there may be fewer choice when it comes to frigates and destroyers for the crew, but there can still be some good variety if each race or faction has at least 4 different Tech 3 frigates and 2 different Tech 3 destroyers. Of course if these new ships have some fixed bonuses beside their subsystems bonuses, more variety can be achieved and there might be more different ships for each race or faction. There are many options here.

The limited cargo space in the Multicapsule Ship may restrict choices a little when pilots pick their subsystems, but they still would have a good choice when it comes to this.

Captain Access to Weapon Platforms

In the previous post I have mentioned that a Multicapsule Ship captain should be able to grant their crew access to the special Weapon Platforms on the ship. These platforms are like a secondary weapon system on the large ship that is needed in order to enable it to fight smaller targets. And I will just clarify that not only the capsuleer crew would be able to use these platforms - the captain should be able to use them as well. For example if the frigates or destroyers are out of their host ship and there are smaller hostiles to deal with, the captain should always be able to switch to the weapon platforms and aid their crew. Of course if they choose to do so, they should not be able to use the large (default) weapons at the same time.

I addition these Weapon Platforms should have good extended range since the large host ship would not be as fast as a frigate or destroyer.

These are the things that I wanted to add to the concept. I hope you enjoy them.

See you next time!

EDIT: The project evolved further. Check it here.

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