Thursday, March 20, 2014

Priorities and Goals

Spring is here!

It’s finally getting warmer in my home and I feel enough comfort to start focusing on my main goals. I feel that I need to explain to you some things, such as why I have been blogging so rarely, why I don’t do much PVP in-game and why I’m sort of keeping this strange distance towards most of the people around me at this time. I usually not share this kind of stuff in the blog, but I feel I have to do this now, since it is important to quit hiding and speak when you have problems, because this opens some extra options for solving them.

Well… there is no easy way to say this, but I am broke for now. Even though I have found some job at the moment, I get my salary by the end of the month and if I don’t use like 80% of it for a piece of PLEX, I will be able to buy food for like three weeks. This is why I get some money at the end of each month and happen to be broke in the middle of the next one. It’s no good. It is not reasonable to try to get back to EVE while not having enough to cover my basic needs. Good thing my family gives me some support.

OK, I’m thankful for what I have, I really am. But this kind of life is just too heavy on me sometimes. I know I gotta get through this and this is what I’m doing. I just have to warn you that there may not be much new shiny stuff in the blog at least for this period of time. I need to set my priorities and right now the top priority is getting out of this mess, securing a steady income and creating an atmosphere comfortable enough for improving my Art skills while forging good connections with good people in the Concept Art sphere and maybe finding some really good friends while doing that.

So this is it, I will say it again – I may be too quiet or too loud, I may do weird things here and there, but this will only mean that I’m working my way around. I’m not sure if I will be roaming New Eden skies, not sure if I will post new things in the blog soon, but I will be here, focused on my main goal – improving my Art skills and going for Concept Art. 

A very early Concept sketch of a Gallentean Multicapsule Ship

Thank you for being with me in this!

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