Sunday, February 2, 2014

Focused Shield Emitters - Part 2

Good news! I’ve been watching some streams of the action that goes on around clone troopers and I came up with some improvements on the Focused Shield Emitters for Dropsuits.

I have to say I’m pretty far away from Clone Troopers technology, I’ve never been on the ground to fight their intense wars, but I gather intel from here and there, so I still can propose some additions to their equipment.

As previously mentioned, the Focused Shield Emitters are devices that are capable to strengthen a define area of the Dropsuit shields and thus preserving the soldier. Since I realized that manual activation of these devices would be trouble, I started working on making them more automated.

So, present time, the latest prototypes of the Focused Shield Emitters are capable to automatically detect an incoming fire blast and strengthen the shields in the dropsuit area that the blast will hit. The time for reaction depends on the type of the incoming blast. For example if the enemy soldier is firing with a rail sniper rifle, the Focused Shield Emitter may be slow to react and the blast may still be devastating. On the other hand, the slower the blast projectile is flying, the more effective the Focused Shield Emitter will be and it will absorb more damage.

Focused Shield Emitters strengthen the shield of the dropsuit by dramatically increasing resistances in the area where the blast will hit. The rest of the shield, however, will be weakened for as long as the device is active and it will need a second to equalize the shields after deactivation. When in active state, these devices will only operate when there is an incoming blast. During the rest of the time, they will be inactive and the dropsuit shield will be in its normal state.

These devices will work automatically whenever they sense an incoming blast and strengthen the shield in the area that the blast will hit, but in case the soldier is taking damage from multiple directions, only the most devastating blast will be likely to be stopped; the rest of the shield will be weakened and vulnerable to more incoming blasts. This is why a trooper will be able to set the device activation status. When the device is active it will automatically detect the most devastating incoming blast and try to block it. When it is inactive, it will not detect and block incoming blasts and the shield of the dropsuit will be in its normal state.

With their latest improvements Focused Shield Emitters will work more effectively when the soldier is crouching. When the soldier is crouching, these devices will be able to cover not just one, but two areas on the shield and thus try to block two incoming blasts instead of just one (when the soldier is standing). The movement speed of the soldier will no longer affect the Focused Shield Emitter. Oh, and the effectiveness of this device will be only halfway reduced when the wearer is firing their weapon, unlike the previous versions where the soldier should not fire their weapon in order to use the focused shield emitter.

These devices will be able to block one, two or in the best case - three blasts coming in a rapid succession. After that they will need to recharge.  

Current technology tests show that only one Focused Shield Emitter will be able to be active in any dropsuit fitting.

A Focused Shield Emitter will be able to be fit in a High Slot. This would mean that troopers will have to choose whether to fit some extra Shield Extender/ Recharger or a Focused Shield Emitter.

These devices have their advantages, especially against sneaky cloaky opponents, equipped with Nova Knives and other unexpected attackers. More survivability will be assured to Heavy dropsuit wearers – against vehicles for example. A disadvantage, if there is any, is that a trooper would not have extra shields or faster shield recharge when wearing a Focused Shield Emitter, but if their fitting is build according to given circumstances, situations and friendlies tactical approach, things should be fine.

I hope you like this technology. If you want to be able to use it, then please share the word where it should be shared. I would like to get closer to this area of activity, still need to sort some things out, so I hope you understand.

Happy Hunting!

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