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Multicapsule Ships in 2014 Part 1

Here we are in the New Year 2014. May it be a glorious, fulfilling, exciting and blessed New Year for all of us! Happy New Year, folks! 

To whoever made this image: Thank you so much!

Today I want to add some more to the Multicapsule Ships concept. Things will be changed in an attempt to make everything better and better. This may be annoying to some of you, yes, things go in very different direction sometimes, but that’s all for the good.

Here we go.

In the previous post I have suggested that a Multicapsule Ship should have its large turret/launcher hardpoints and some additional Secondary Hardpoints that can be filled with the weapons of the smaller ships that the big one is carrying.

Well, as it turns out, this is not a good option, since it would limit the choice of frigates/destroyers that the capsuleer crew would use in order to fill the maximum number of Secondary Hardpoints. Besides, if the crew ships of choice are presented by ships of different race, there would be less coordination in terms of damage type modification when it comes to ammo choice. And last but not least – it would look aesthetically wrong to have a ship that fires, say, lasers and autocannons at the same time. This is why a different approach is needed here.

Sure, I have something.

Keeping in mind that the multicapsule ship crew would like to have the option to defend inside the large vessel, they will need turrets or launchers at their disposal. No matter how limited this may be, they should be able to use secondary weapons – separate from the main weapons of the large ship. Given the fact that there are more than one capsuleers onboard, this would mean that the interface should allow more modules that crew can use. Due to technical limitations they would not be able to use additional Mid or Low Slots, but they would have some Weapon Platforms accessible when they want to fight inside their Host Ship. So what would these Weapon Platforms be exactly?

A Weapon Platform would occupy a special Secondary High Slot on the Multicapsule Ship. It would be able to store a set of two or three small turrets or launchers. In addition, this Secondary High Slot should be able to house one Medium sized turret or launcher. These platforms should be controlled by the capsuleer crew only when they’re inside the Host Ship. At any given moment the captain of the Host Ship should be able to grant access to these platforms to one or more members of the crew. Since not all of the crew will be busy with weapons all the time, this option should be available. When inside the Host ship, a crew member should be able to use a limited number of these Secondary High Slots. Things should be divided carefully and proportionally so that less crew would mean less weapon platforms available to use. Since the smaller ships will be inside the Host Ship when the crew is using these Weapon Platforms, the turrets or launchers in them should use energy from the smaller ships.

For these Weapon Platforms the Host Ship itself should provide bonuses to some defined weapon types, depending on ship race and attributes. Also – every Multicapsule Ship should provide a defined count of Weapon Platforms that would not always fill the maximum count of crew members.

Things must be sorted for bomb launchers so that Multicapsule Ships can equip them. Will see what I can do for that. Any suggestion is welcome, of course.

Visually these Weapon Platforms should be displayed on the HUD of every crew member, like if they’re flying the ship, with the only condition that they would not control the entire ship, but just the modules that the Captain has given them access to.

In previous posts I have mentioned that the Captain should be able to give the crew access to the modules of the large ship – any module that a crew member has skill for, and then if their skill is better than the skill of the Host Ship pilot, it should be applied to these modules. In case the captain has given someone access to the large weapons of the Host Ship, that crew member would not be able to control weapon platforms.

The Weapon Platforms themselves should be hidden under special armored hatches that only open and deploy them when someone is using them.

Weapon Platforms should be designed for attacking multiple targets at once. That said if there is one weapon platform that is using three small turrets or launchers, there should be bonuses that give enough firepower for each to cause a lot of pain to their target. This would make the option to choose between Medium turrets or launchers for a better range, but fewer targets, or small turrets or launchers for less range, but able to shoot at more targets. Given the option to change the Multicapsule Ship modules on the fly (limited with some delay of course), choosing between weapons for each situation, will be possible.

I feel better with these changes.  Your ideas and suggestions are always welcome, of course.

Thank you for reading this. 

Fly Bold!

EDIT: The concept evolved further. Check it here.


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