Monday, May 6, 2013

Focus on Your Passion


Today is such a good day. All these fireworks in space, the good spirit and joy flowing all around. Exciting times for our stellar realm.

I have two small gifts for our universe of EVE today. The first is the updated home page of the Black Pearl Project site and the second is this article. Enjoy. ^_^


Have you ever thought that it is not fair to learn Small Hybrid Turret to level 5 and use Hybrids very regularly and then when you meet someone else that has trained the same skill to level 5, they will still have the same skill bonuses, no matter how regularly they use small hybrids? What if you’re more passionate about small hybrids than them? Would it be good if you get rewards for practicing what you have learned with all that patience and determination you have applied to reach that skill level?

I feel the answer is “Yes”.

This is what this blog post will be about.

The idea is that when you’re really focused on a particular form of activity, you should get a lot better, compared to someone that is not that focused on the same activity. So let’s talk about two nice features that may affect us and make us very happy. They should be able to be applied to any Skill that we’re currently training or have trained already.


When you apply Focus to one of your skills, you should get two bonuses: faster skill training and better skill bonuses. Additionally if you actively Practice what you’re learning or have learned, meaning that you perform regular actions linked to that skill, then the learning speed and skill bonuses that Focus gives to that skill should be boosted dynamically. If you are a slacker the Focus bonuses will remain at their base level, but if you are really focused on that particular activity you will get greater boost to that skill learning speed and bonuses. The focus bonuses may get lower or higher, depending on your activity.

I mean that there should be a menu option to apply Focus on any skill.

This Focus feature should also be able to be applied to multiple skills. When doing so you should be able to distribute the Focus between the skills you apply it to. And you should be able to define the exact Percentage of Focus that you wish to apply to each skill. Probably up to the second decimal. You should also be able to make changes at any time – redistribute the Focus between skills, remove it from certain skills or apply it to other skills, or just one skill, whatever you like.

Also – Focus should be able to be applied to a defined Skill Category, like Engineering, Gunnery, Electronics, Subsystems and so on, distributing between each skill in that category.

And when you practice something really well, there should be another feature activated – Passion!


When you have a good Focus on a particular skill, meaning that you practice the activity linked to it a lot, then you should activate Passion for that skill. Unlike Focus the Passion feature should not be activated with a button – you should earn it.

OK, depending on the percent of Focus that you have applied, it would give you some boost to the skill learning speed and bonuses, and this boost should have its minimum (no practice) and maximum (good practice). When you practice more that Focus should turn into Passion, and Passion should use the current maximum Focus boost as a base to build upon. When you keep the good practice and improve it you should get better rewards since your Passion will give you skill learning and bonuses boost, much better than Focus can give.

In other words – no matter the percent of Focus you apply to a skill, as you practice the linked activity regularly, there should be a defined activity frequency limit that will turn Focus into Passion when exceeded. Then if you decide to apply more Focus to that skill, it would increase the Passion base bonus so that when you keep practicing, it would give you better boost. Thus once you have Passion to some skill it should be easier to keep the good boost rather than if you only had Focus on it.

Focus boost should be harder to gain, meaning that you must practice really well and regularly in order to turn it into Passion. If you fail to keep the good practice there should be a decrease in your Focus boost on that skill. Focus boost changes should be more dynamic than Passion boost changes. When you achieve Passion you should be more confident to keep the good boost even if you don’t practice that regularly. This means that when you have Passion on some skill the boost that this feature gives should decrease much slower when you don’t practice. Of course if you don’t practice at all one day the Passion should turn back into Focus and then if you keep being lazy your boost will decrease much faster until it reaches its base level. But this wouldn’t be a problem if you are really focused on that skill and keep the good practice of the particular activity linked to it. Yes, passionate capsuleers should be rewarded.

The activity frequency limit should be related to the percent of particular activity during the character playing time and there should be different limits that would determine the boost that each of these two features may give. For example if someone plays 2 hours a day and 20% of their activity is mining with strip miner, then they should get some good boost if they have applied Focus to the skill linked to that activity.

To avoid grinding struggles and pain I think that there should be NO notifications and information about your current Focus or Passion boost amount. No numbers, no graphs. The only thing displayed should be the Focus and Passion icons on the particular skill(s). After all you should not be chasing that covenant bonus boost and push yourself harder than you would wish. But if you are really focused and passionate about what you do and don’t scream “Gimme the bonuses!!”, then yes, you should be rewarded, all of us should be rewarded when we do so.

Let’s look at one example.

Let’s say that you have applied 50% Focus to Small Hybrid Turret and you have already trained that skill to level 5. If you really practice shooting with small hybrids and you practice it regularly most of the time you play, then you should get a Focus boost that should decrease when you practice less and increase when you practice more.

Let’s say that you shoot with small hybrids for 15% of your playing time each day during the whole week. In that case you may get Focus boost and instead of 5% Bonus to small hybrid turret damage per level you get 5.05%. Then if you happen to do something else the next 2 days, your Focus boost should decrease and you will get 5.025% to small hybrid turret damage per level. But if you practice really well and shoot things for like 20 or 25% of your playing time, then your Focus should turn into Passion! When that happens maybe you should get like 5.2% Bonus to small hybrid turret damage per level as a base of your Passion boost.

Then if you keep the good practice and make it slightly better, you should get better bonuses! All that time your Passion boost should decrease much slower when you don’t practice or practice less, so that you may feel more confident for your supremacy. And then – if you decide to apply all your Focus to your Small Hybrid Turret skill (add the other 50% of Focus) all the boost bonus numbers mentioned above should be doubled!

Well with Passion maybe you should be able to gain up to 6% Bonus to small hybrid turret damage per level. Then, depending on what you do, all these bonus boosts should change dynamically and adapt to your activity.

Of course these numbers are just for the example.

I haven’t covered the skill learning speed boost that Focus and Passion may give, but I bet you can imagine how this would work.

Now maybe there will be some more work to define and program a system that should detect a pilot’s particular activity that is linked to a certain skill. I don’t know how exactly this would impact the server performance. But I feel positive about all these things.

These two features may cause some rumble, anger and even rage like: “Why does he have more damage than me?! I have the same skills and equipment and I did shoot another pilot once! This is not fair!” - stuff like that. Basically the ones that like to just demand and not take responsibility or contribute - they will be on fire. Of course reasonable arguments will always be noted.

This is how we may be rewarded for being determined, focused and passionate about our activities in New Eden.

I do feel that these Focus and Passion features would bring lots of joy when implemented properly.


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