Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Great Lesson for Rookies

The True Stories from the First Decade of EVE is something that makes me very happy. I also have a good story and I want to share it with you.

However – I still don’t have enough money to pay my subscription and even if I pay it I still need to buy a good graphics card, I found a good one in a local place, costs like 50 Euro, Palit Nvidia GeForce GT620 PCI-EX2.0 2GB DDR3 64bit, DVI/HDMI/CRT, I really like it, but maybe later. Finding a good job and ensuring a steady income is the priority now.

So, the deadline comes near, I think I can’t make it in time, that’s why I will post my story here.


Today I want to tell you a story that brings me back to YC 112 and the times when I was roaming the skies with the guys from the first Capsuleer Corporation that I joined. It doesn’t exist today, but memories remain and they are so bright. It is a story of respect and amazement.

It was the time when our officers invited us, rookies, to participate in a low-sec roam. We were instructed to buy some cheap and affordable frigates and meet our fleet commander at a rendezvous point. Our corporation headquarters was in Sasoutikh and we were supposed to roam the nearby systems for pirate rats and capsuleers. We were five or six men and our commander had the opportunity and responsibility to guide us through the roam and safely bring us back home.

We gathered together and headed to the nearest low-sec system. It was fun. We were instructed on how to bring up the watchlist, set up our voice communications and we were told the basics of roaming. We were exploring various places in each system, splitting up and seeking for targets. We found a lot of Sanshas – small fleets of frigates in belts, and there were cruisers and battleships too. This was the first time when I actually attacked a battleship with a frigate. The excitement of battling these large spiky ships was something memorable. It was a notable example on how even a small group of T1 frigates and one destroyer could tear apart a battleship escorted by a cruiser and two or three frigates.

We had destroyed many rats, the taste of victory was so good, the adventure and the friendly atmosphere between us – these are some of the things that make me enjoy life in New Eden so much and motivate me to do my best when flying among the stars.

Our commander was so eager to find some capsuleers – something that I and probably the rest of the newbies in our fleet were not completely prepared for. Not in this particular moment of time. We approached a gate and he told us that it is very important to stay cloaked when we get on the other side so that we have enough time to set our destination and eventually avoid trouble. And when we jumped we had the opportunity to practice what we had just learned.

There were like forty of them. A “huge gate camp” like our commander said. He had jumped before us, providing info on what lies ahead of us and then we followed him. Yeah his wish to find capsuleers was fulfilled. The only problem was that we were a little screwed. We were watching them – they were moving slowly around the gate, waiting for their prey. There was a wreck there – some lone battleship pilot had had the bad luck to fall into their trap. The wreck was not yet looted – they had left it full so that unwary pilots could approach it and attempt to get what was in there. A nice ambush for the next victim of theirs.

Our excitement for the roam was mixed with fear. We were still rookies, we knew what monsters are roaming New Eden skies and the last thing we wanted back then was to meet them. But there they were – right in front of us, a big fleet of them, waiting for us to decloak. They had better equipment, better ships, most of them were probably veterans and they had superior numbers. The commander’s instructions were clear: warp as fast as we can, preferably in different directions and then burn back to high-sec.

We engaged our warp drives. This was the peak of our excitement, an adrenaline rush, our hearts were beating so fast.

We managed to escape. Yeah, we were definitely not very proud of ourselves, but we were happy – we had made it through their ambush, slipping through their fingers, probably annoying them and this was scary but also fun.

We reached the next gate and set a route to high-sec. But there were more surprises. It appeared that a system nearby was invaded by Sansha. Yes, there was an incursion there and the gates were heavily guarded by Nightmare battleships and their escorts. We had to push ourselves harder. Now we had two enemies – the camping capsuleers, some of them probably still chasing us and the Sansha fleets that were guarding the gates. Yeah, that was a nice rookie day, we were learning from experience. The lessons were intense and definitely exciting. We had all these pilots, armed to the teeth, hunting us and we felt every bit of the thrill. Who would believe us if we said that yesterday we have been peacefully mining in some asteroid belt and running level 1 missions?

We finally made it to secure space. We had to wait for our commander to arrive. And then we learned another lesson. He told us to go home and leave him. He said that he wanted to go back to the gate camp and loot the wreckage. We didn’t want to leave him behind, but he said that he knows what he’s doing. Well it looked like he wanted to take the goodies in the wreck right under their noses. This was a crazy idea, yeah we liked it, really brave, exciting, but back then none of us was ready to do such thing.

These were the commander’s orders. We didn’t want to leave him, we were worried about him. There were forty pirates out there and he was alone, going straight into their trap! Even our high officers had a facepalm moment when they learned what he wanted to do.

There was silence in our fleet communication channel. Minutes felt like hours and we already had started to imagine how they chase him down and tear his destroyer apart with their weapons. The suspense was going high and the silence so thick.

“I did it!”

That’s what he said. He had taken the treasure and he was coming back. They had damaged his ship badly, but he had successfully evaded their scramblers and done what he wanted. Probably the campers were very angry. But for us this was the best moment in our low-sec roam adventure!

That was the great lesson that we all learned. We learned that no matter the circumstances, no matter how dangerous a situation can be, no matter what, we can win. And we were so grateful for having the honor to fly with a brave commander like this guy. He told us to never take ourselves very seriously. This roam was great fun and we have to do it again, yeah, we have to do it again!

Thank you! 

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