Sunday, January 6, 2013

The New Beginning

We are now living in the first days of the New Year 2013. It will be awesome!

Not that 2012 was not. Actually the past year the year of abundance to me. Great things happened. New friendships. New opportunities. A lot of hiking. Man it was intense! Not just in a physical way, but also in spiritual. I keep noticing how some people are getting smarter, wiser, stronger, better. Everything is getting a lot better.

As for the end of the world that everyone was so crazy about – I spent it with friends high in the mountains, wading in snow up to our knees, drinking tea and after that we had a gossip with the owners of the small restaurant next to the hut, waiting for the electricity to come back. Sitting by a fireplace in a cozy wooden house feels so good. And there was a rainbow in the sky, so beautiful! It was a shiny day, full of satisfaction.

I’m sure that many of you know and feel that we have started something new this year. It is true. Don’t be afraid of the number 13. It doesn’t mean bad fortune. It means a new beginning. Olden books say so.

Our world of EVE got better than ever. I was so excited to read and watch all the improvements, the dev blogs, everything.

I’m so sorry for missing the holiday party in New Eden. I will return, hopefully soon, I feel I’m getting closer.

I’m sure that you also had a great year. And I’m sure that you also feel the power of 2013. So many exciting things are going to happen. It’s in the air.

I wish you the best of everything that has happened so far. Be free, feel more, love more!

Happy New Year!

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