Monday, January 7, 2013

Onboard Habitaion Modules

This idea is from the early days of the Black Pearl Project. It is linked to the Multicapsule Ships idea and it provides further details and more depth to the entire picture.

Multicapsule Ships may have onboard quarters for their crew. Each member may have their own small room and there might be rooms where all of the crew can get together. They can use these onboard habitation quarters for briefings or just for friendly talks during long autopilot travels into secure space. The individual rooms may provide some of the stationary Captain Quarters features like agent finders, Planetary Interaction and Recruiting screens and later on – body armor and firearm fittings, planetary map display etc. Crew members may have their own corners for their favorite items and there might be one big armory room for all of them so that they can get prepared for surface missions.

There might be a button on the Neocom that allows boarding and leaving capsules when accessing these onboard quarters. If any loading is required – it could be similar to station loading – boarding and leaving a capsule takes some time anyway.

These Multicapsule Battleships may also have passenger quarters where they can transport VIP persons or just the mercenary crew that capsuleers want to send on a planet surface. The passenger quarters may have some separate rooms and each can house four people for example. In addition to these, there might be a saloon with passenger seats by the walls so that the crew battleship can house an entire strike team of mercenaries. All these can be parts of the Onboard Habitation Modules, but if the capsuleers have more passengers, they can always put them in the Cargohold.

This is where you will be able to personally observe your crew and the guests that you might transport. Yes, just keep an eye on the security cameras that might be able to be installed in your ship. This could be very useful because you would have the chance to detect someone that is planning to take over the ship or do something else that you do not like.

These Habitation Modules may be connected to the Life Support Module of your ship. In the middle of this module there might be a small artificial garden, supported by artificial solar lights, selected soils and hydroponics, having its own circle of water and microclimate, all sustained by superior technologies of the future. Each larger ship must have such garden – for oxygen production. Who knows – maybe you would like to settle down there for a while, watch some green, turn on the holographic walls and make yourself stand by some lake next to the living trees, lie down and watch the holographic clouds above? Hey, maybe this will make someone want to go for some Real Life walk in the mountain instead of drinking all night at the bar and collecting cigarette smoke.

Well, of course capsuleers may prefer some other method of oxygen production, but gardens always produce the best air for breathing and this may influence our characters brain reactions and accordingly – the behavior of our ship. Maybe this Life Support Module could influence our character attributes, depending on its type.

Thinking more in this direction – gardens may produce the best air, ensuring best brain activity and best ship behavior, but keeping them perfectly safe from planetary viruses and diseases may be a problem if the crew often runs missions on planets with hostile environments. They all must go through the purifying chambers before entering their ship quarters.

Veteran capsuleers may consider these Onboard Habitation Modules as some surplus luxury. It’s true that the pod provides the perfect protection in space. Friendly liquid surrounds our bodies and takes care of our health, defends us from viruses and keeps our body fresh. Who would ever want to leave this safety and expose themselves to the dangers that surround the walls of our spaceships? But sometimes we need more space. We need to feel like we’re at home, there – inside our spacecraft that gives us our power to survive in this dangerous place. This could affect each of us more or less, depending on what we’re doing with our time. And so, maybe onboard quarters are not that irrelevant.

This is no problem – all these Onboard Habitation Modules may be just stored in packages inside the Cargohold and if the Captain likes – they may be deployed (right click menu option) still in the Cargohold, they will take some more space and done! The crew can use them until the Captain repackage them. The same is for the Life Support Modules. They can be put in the Cargohold and be deployed so that they enhance the ship stock systems and provide better control of the ship as well as better conditions for the crew. Keeping and deploying these modules inside the Cargohold has some advantages. They can be moved easily and if the ship is being destroyed – they have the chance to remain intact in the wreck and the remaining crew be saved later on. Having such modules will be optional and no capsuleer will be annoyed for investing in a ship with irrelevant parts. They will be of use only to those that need them.

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