Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Blast Energy Converters

Hi guys. I got some things to show you.

At the moment we’re experiencing the advancement of technologies in New Eden. More specifically I’m talking about Ancillary Shield Boosters and the upcoming Ancillary Armor Repairers. Not sure about you, but somehow I feel that regular Armor Repairers and Shield Boosters would become less attractive to fit and at a certain point I may say that they would be only used only in selected combat situations. Since I don’t want to leave their technology level static, I would like to offer some alternatives, show some love to them.

So this is what came to my mind.

Presenting the Blast Energy Converter (BEC).

This is a new Mid Slot module concept that would have its Small, Medium and Large variations. It would use an alternative way to provide extra energy for spaceship needs. It is meant to be used only when the ship is sustaining damage, taking advantage of the incoming blasts energy and use it to reduce the capacitor usage of some hungry modules like Shield Boosters, Armor Repairers, Shield Transporters, Remote Armor Repairers and so on.

By connecting to the ship’s shield and armor it would be capable to collect the energy from incoming blasts, convert it and then direct it to a desired active module on the ship. Doing this would allow the selected module(s) to be used for a longer period of time – something like an alternative to Capacitor Booster modules. In order to function like this, the Blast Energy Converter must be actively linked to the desired module. You would probably be able to link it by right clicking on the Converter module, select the “link to” option (which would display a targeting crosshair) and then select the module that you want to link. Alternatively you would be able to right click on your modules and select the “link to Blast Energy Converter” option. There would also be some keyboard shortcut, but I’m not attempting to define it at this point.

The BEC module itself would have some symbolic, but not ignorable energy usage – let’s say noticeable. Depending on incoming damage, at the end of its cycle the Converter would define a certain percent of energy usage reduction for the modules linked to it. Incoming damage energy equivalent would be equally distributed between the active linked modules and thus determine their energy usage reduction bonus. The more incoming damage, the better the reduction bonus.

As long as the incoming blasts are more frequent than the Converter cycles (which would be rather slow) there would be plenty of energy and so the linked modules would have reduced capacitor usage. If the incoming damage is frequent but rather low, then the modules linked to the Converter would have their cap usage only slightly reduced.

Small Blast Energy Converters would be able to link two modules, the Medium ones would link three and the Large ones would link up to four modules. Everything is a subject to change of course.

When more than one module is linked to the Converter the energy usage reduction bonuses would be distributed according to the Converter capabilities and incoming damage. The less the incoming damage, the less reduction bonuses the linked modules would have and the more damage, the better cap usage reduction bonuses.

Combining the Blast Energy Converter (BEC) with an ASB or AAR would be possible but not recommended since the BEC tends to create a field of residual blast energy that cannot harm the ship or modules by itself, but once it gets around Cap Booster Charges it would become unstable and there would be a significant chance for the charges to explode, damaging the ship and destroying nearby modules. It also interferes with nanites in Nanite Repair Paste and has a chance to disturb or negate their use. Use at your own risk and say if its’ worth it.

Additionally the Blast Energy Converter would be able to be loaded with some Script-like modules that I will call Calibrators. They would help it convert the blast energy in a better way and ensure some increased efficiency for desired active modules that are linked to it.

The BEC would be able to be linked to any active module (except weapon modules) and the Calibrators would increase the efficiency of the ones that you use most.

Here is an example. Let’s say you’re flying a Vexor with two armor reps that you have linked to your BEC. If you’re sustaining heavy damage (not too heavy of course) then your BEC would accumulate enough blast energy so that it would reduce your reppers cap usage to a state when you could use them continuously for a period usually long enough to defeat your enemies. There goes the tricky part: if your enemies do some moderate damage your active reppers won’t have much energy usage reduction and you won’t be able to run them as long as you would like, but you’re expected to be good enough to handle this, so things would be fair.

If you wish to run both of your reppers with the BEC, then it would be relevant to do it when heavy damage is coming to your ship since the blasts energy would be equally distributed to both reppers, determining their energy usage bonus accordingly.

And if you have an Armor Repairer Calibrator (fitted in your BEC) for your reppers you would significantly improve their efficiency. The efficiency improvement of the Calibrators would be a fixed number, not depending on incoming damage. Calibrators should be able to be switched on the fly but switching would take some time.

Linking and unlinking a module to the BEC would also take some time which would be separate for each module and multiple modules would be able to be linked simultaneously.

Now imagine what you could do with remote armor reppers, shield transporters, neuts etc. As long as you’re taking damage you would be able to assist your fellow fleet members in a better way and put a good fight to your enemies.

These Blast Energy Converters would have drawbacks of course. They would dramatically increase the ship Signature Radius and maybe slightly reduce its Scan Resolution. Also – when overheating a module that is linked to the BEC it would take slightly increased heat damage.

EDIT: Oops! My virtual simulations just showed me something else. It appears that the nature of the field of residual blast energy that the BEC tends to create would completely negate the use of an ECM module. I feel sorry to say that, but BEC and ECM modules cannot be activated at the same time. Other drawbacks will possibly come out.


CLARIFICATION: Thinking more of this module made me fiddle with the mechanics – the exact way that it has to operate.

When the BEC is activated, during the first cycle it would accumulate the energy of incoming blasts. The ship would still be taking damage of course. At the end of the first cycle, according to accumulated blast energy, the percentage of the cap usage reduction bonus for linked modules would be determined and then equally distributed between the active linked modules (if more than one is active). This bonus would remain during the entire second cycle, while the energy of incoming blasts would still be accumulated in order to determine the bonus for the next cycle and so on. This would ensure a stable cap usage reduction bonus.

According to incoming damage, the module should be able to provide an equal cap usage reduction bonus for all linked active modules that would have its maximum of course. If only one module is linked to the BEC, this maximum should be reached when moderate damage is sustained. If there is more damage and only one linked active module, then the bonus would reach its maximum, (the rest of the damage energy equivalent would be put away) but if more than one module is linked and active, the damage energy equivalent would be calculated and equally distributed to all until each of them reaches the bonus fixed maximum.

Phew… that was intense. I love doing this kind of stuff. :)

That’s it.

I miss EVE so much. I want to come back. Oh how bad I want it. It’s getting lonely here. Sometimes I feel so sad. I wish there was somebody to tell me that they’re still with me…

I don’t want the Black Pearl Project to be a secret anymore. Yet some parts of it would remain hidden to the open community, just to make a good surprise when they come out. But I don’t want to do this alone.

Thank you for reading this.

Be safe. :)

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