Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Focused Shield Emitters for Dropsuits

It’s amazing how news and rumors spread at lightning speed throughout the galaxy. Probably I won’t surprise anyone if I tell you that they have recently discovered some Sleeper implant that instantly transfers consciousness, even at the moment of death. I’m sure you know that the Amarr were the first to implement this technology in their Templar program, creating soldiers dangerous beyond measure. Present day all the factions in the cluster are busy with researches and developing infantry dropsuits for their soldiers, equipped with this kind of device. Ground combat will soon become much heavier as they’re also developing more devastating weapons. 

I’m saying this because I have also been working on dropsuits in the past, mostly during my tuition in the Caille University and I am very excited to learn about things like these mentioned. I’m here to present some other piece of technology that has been in my lab database for ages and I think that it is finally time to show it to someone like you.

It’s about some new type of devices that are meant to become a part of dropsuits equipment.

They are called Focused Shield Emitters.

The more advanced infantry dropsuits used by the high militaries have shields that provide an extra defense against incoming fire, pretty much like our spaceship shields. This is known and it is a common thing among corporations that have connections with capsuleers.

The Focused Shield Emitters are meant to provide the soldiers with an option to strengthen their shield for a short period of time and thus survive devastating blasts on the battlefield.

Along with the standard dropsuit shields a soldier may have the option to equip this Focused Shield Emitter device. It is capable of creating a limited extra forcefield that would cover a selected area around the soldier’s dropsuit – usually one of its sides. This is how a soldier’s shield can be strengthened for a brief period of time, for example when the soldiers are facing their opponent and choose to defend instead to attack.

Focused Shield Emitters can be attached to various weapons or directly to some selected dropsuits with the option to automatically cover an area corresponding to current incoming attack direction.

When a Focused Shield Emitted is active it strengthens the shield in the desired (defined) area, adding some hitpoints and dramatically increasing resistances, but the rest of the shield (outside the defined area) will be weakened. Usually the side of the shield that is opposite the Focused Shield Emitter area may be the most vulnerable when the device is active.

These emitters use dropsuit energy and the current prototypes have moderate to high energy consumption. Usually they can absorb two or three bursts or blasts in a row and then they have to recharge, consuming a portion of the dropsuit energy. This portion itself is used to focus the forcefield and to keep it ready for activation. On the soldier’s HUD there will be a small bar that will be showing the current amount of this energy portion and when the device is activated it will deplete. When active the device will consume more energy if there is an incoming blast in its defined area usually two or three blasts will deplete the portion. When the device is activated and there is no incoming blast, the energy would still be consumed (much slower) for as long as the soldier keeps the button pressed.

If the Focused Shield Emitter is programmed to cover an area corresponding to the first or strongest attack (its direction), then the soldier must activate it when they sense the danger. Then the device will keep track on the first or strongest attack direction and provide better protection. However if the soldier is attacked from multiple directions they would probably need to keep the device inactive, since it tends to weaken the shields outside its defined area.

Focused Shield Emitters are most effective when the soldier is not moving. The faster the soldier is moving, the less effective these devices will be. 

EDIT: The soldiers cannot fire their weapons while they keep this device active. The nature of the focused forcefield behaves unstable when there is fire coming from inside of the field, making it disperse quickly. 

Of course, these devices would become pretty ineffective if the soldier has no shields left, but they can still cover their defined area for as long as the dropsuit has energy.

So far I have tested this technology attached to a Gallente CRG-3 Plasma Shotgun and I can tell you that the results are spectacular. Even if the enemy has the same weapon, using the Focused Shield Emitter connected to the shotgun shield plate, provides excellent defense and minimum damage is taken. 

It is clear that this technology needs further testing and implementations, but I feel positive about it. Extra defense is always needed on the battlefield.

As I continue with my research I will update the information about this.

Thank you for your time. :)

EDIT: This idea evolved further. Check it here.

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