Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's the Looks that They Meet First

Hey folks! It’s been a long time since the last post from me. So now I’m back and there are some more thoughts that I’m eager to share with you.

We all remember Incarna and the events around it. Many of you may not agree, but I think that having Captains Quarters is great and it was the first and fundamental step to Walking in Stations – something that many of us were asking for.

I was really happy to have all the options available in the new Character Creator. Character customization was pushed to the next level and the options to choose between various clothes for your pilot added some good flavor to our looks.

All these things made me think of some more options that would be necessary in order for us to have more customizing and personalization freedom. I know that Team Avatar is rather busy right now with some other interesting things, but it is not too early to just mention some ideas.

Here we go.

Racial Clothes, Accessories and Hairstyles

Yeah, how nice would it be to have character looks that represent each race individual culture and clothing design? Along with casual clothes currently available for everyone, there might be Casual Racial Clothes that show each race overall style that should be unique.

You know what I mean. Along with racial clothes it would be nice to have various and unique Racial Accessories that would distinguish our pilot from the rest even more.

Also – there should be some Traditional Racial Clothes meant to be worn on special occasions. They should be available for their corresponding race only. Traditional clothes would be even more distinguishable and should undoubtedly highlight the individual’s racial belonging.

Along with that there should be Racial Casual Hairstyles that represent the races of New Eden the same way. Furthermore it would be good if we could have Traditional Racial Hairstyles for special occasions.

Bloodline Clothes, Accessories and Hairstyles

Since every race in EVE consist of various bloodlines, I think it would be good if there were Bloodline Casual Clothes – representing each bloodline everyday style, and there should also be Bloodline Traditional Clothes – for special occasions and traditionalists.

Yes, it would be also nice if we could have some Bloodline Accessories that help making our avatar unique.

Just take a look at the picture below. This is my Intaki compatriot Sakaane Eionell from the Classic Character Creator before its replacement with the New Character Creator. Do you like the way she looks? I do.

Click to Enlarge

Don’t know about you but sometimes I feel a little nostalgia for the accessories options that we used to have. Of course I really love the New Character Creator and its unique customization options, but right now they are focused on character sculpting at the expense of clothing and accessories.

I’m pretty sure that Team Avatar has some plans for enriching character customization and maybe it’s time for us to give them some feedback.

Ancestry Clothes, Accessories and Hairstyles

Getting deeper into customization. Along with Racial and Bloodline styles mentioned above, I really want to have the option to choose between clothes, accessories and hairstyles dedicated to my Ancestry.

Having Casual Ancestry Clothes and Traditional Ancestry Clothes would add even more options. There should be Ancestry Accessories too. It may be too much but I also want to have Casual Ancestry Hairstyles and Traditional Ancestry Hairstyles too.

I think that there should also be some more long hair options for male characters. Right now I feel somehow out of options having only the long hair dreadlocks (rasta) style… I mean what’s the problem with long long male hair? I want my hair to reach the middle of my back or even lower, you see. My character belongs to the Artist Ancestry so why not? :)
It would be good if we had the option to have clothes, accessories and hairstyles of other races in their corresponding stations if they allow some of them to other races.

Oh! I forgot to mention beards! Well… maybe it would be cool if our male characters had the option to choose between Racial, Bloodline and Ancestry types of beards, all three types also divided into Casual and Traditional ones. Basically they would be some original, extravagant or exotic beards – something different from the common types that are currently available, and of course they should be relevant to the original harsh Sci-Fi style of EVE. Here is a… not-so-fine example. ;)


LOL Just Kidding


This is how I imagine things. I realize that all this diversity would need long time to create. For now it would be nice if we share our ideas with our Devs in the forums and our blogs.

Actually we can do more than that. There are many creative pilots in EVE. How nice would it be if we could show Devs our vision for all these things? We can use some twitter hashtag such as #TweetFleetConcept to share our designs and link the images from our sites so that the Art team of CCP can connect to us.

This may also be applied for other things, not just clothing, accessories and hairstyles.

Whenever you have some new ship idea, new dropsuit concept and new weapon or item idea – share it using the hashtag mentioned or use any other method that you prefer. Let’s do this!

I do remember the two “Create A Starship” Contests and the thousands of creative people that participated. We can do this again, right? Right. :)

See you!



  1. I miss that face, the tattoo, the lipstick, the makeup. Even the helmet a little bit. The black corset especially. I have plans to draw her wearing it.

    I don't miss the weird shoulder shield thing. There were some odd things in the old character creator that I think we're better off without. But it certainly did have a unique look.

    I do heartily agree with your post. The avatars these days look too similar and that kind of interstellar cookie-cutterness just isn't that realistic.

    Your ideas about racial clothing are quite similar to ones I had: and

    Thanks for picking me out of the crowd! :)

    1. Wow... I just read your entries. Such attention to the detail. You are an Artist to the bone. :)

      Yes, diversity and unique looks - that's what we want. More eye colors, more hairstyles, accessories and clothes. Actually I feel pretty calm about all this. It is known that Team Avatar is currently busy on some project that is more dedicated to gameplay rather than character looks, but I'm sure they're taking notes. :)

      Sooner or later they will get back on avatars. Until then we can show them what we want - let's just draw some Concept Art and let them see it. :)