Saturday, July 14, 2012

Uncharted Space and Multicapsule Ships Further Notes


Reading the things that I wrote in my previous posts made me finally notice that I haven’t clarified some things about Multicapsule Ships and Uncharted Space. I can perfectly imagine what I mean by saying Uncharted Space but it seems that I haven’t explained it to you in detail. I apologize for that. Here is some clarification.

Uncharted Space, as I imagine it, is where newly discovered solar systems are found. The main idea behind that is the fact that these new systems would NOT be visible in the Map by common pilots, they would be only visible for the ones that discover them. This means that Multicapsule Ships pilots as well as Capital Explorer pilots would be able to find places that are not usually shown on the Map and they would be able to use the resources in these systems and build their structures untroubled by other capsuleer pilots, especially if they tend to use the devices that are able to conceal their newly discovered solar systems, making their orbiting celestials invisible for other capsuleer Telescopic Devices. Usually the newly discovered solar systems would not be linked with stargates, or if they are, the stargates would not let every capsuleer pass trough and so the systems would remain more or less inaccessible to pilots other than the ones that have discovered them.

This is why I call such places Uncharted Space – they are not shown to everyone.

There is something more I have to add here.

It’s about Multicapsule Ships and their method of Combined System Scanning. As said before, frigate pilots inside the host ship would be able to fit Probe Launchers on their frigates and scan the surrounding together. They would be able to see their friends’ scanning probes position in the system map as well as their range. Furthermore these pilots would be able to share their scanning results with the Captain or with each other. This is how they would be able to focus on a certain site and combine their efforts on locating it.

When a frigate pilot is scanning sites they would see their own scanning results, but they would also be able to open other windows with their mates scanning results and compare their data with their own. They would be able to click on their friends data and see the diagrams on their own system map.

I hope that helps you to imagine the things that I imagine.

See you!

EDIT: The concept evolved further. Check it here.

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