Monday, July 2, 2012

Multicapsule Ships Again

Thinking more on the Multicapsule Ships idea leaded me to the next pieces that need to be added in order for it to be more or less thorough. 

So now I will answer some other questions that may come to your mind if you started to get familiar with the idea.

”It is said that Multicapsule Ships can obtain ores found in Uncharted Space. How exactly would that happen, keeping in mind that they would have their High Slots equipped with Large Turrets/Launchers so that they can defend themselves?”

First off – Multucapsule battleships would have the ability to change modules on the fly, since in Uncharted Space the closest station would be many light years away. Of course switching modules on the fly would require more time – each module switch would require 1 or 2 minutes to complete. Multiple module switches would be available at the same time, probably it might be possible for 5 slots to be modified at the same time and after their module switch is made, another 5 slots might be available for modification. Thus if the Captain wants to apply a completely different fitting, it would take about 6 to 10 minutes to fit the new modules.  

Having this option would allow Multicapsule Ships to switch between turrets and harvesting modules such as Strip Miners, Ice Harvesters, Gas Cloud Harvesters etc. However this would not be the perfect option since they would be vulnerable for incoming attacks while harvesting. Switching between modules, even present as an option, would take too much time.

Therefore I am thinking on another way to harvest goods for Multicapsule Ships.

Harvesting Drones

Nothing new, you may say, but these drones are different.

These drones would have the special ability to be equipped with a single Strip Miner, Ice Harvester or Gas Cloud Harvester depending on the resources they need to extract. With a Right Click Menu option the Captain would be able to equip each drone with the desired harvesting module. The drone harvesting modules must be limited versions of their existing counterparts – with lower yield and cycle time.

Harvesting Drones must be much larger than regular mining drones (they would have large cargoholds) and there should be maximum three of them under the control of the Captain or Crew members. They may be stored in a special Harvesting Drone Bay. The Captain would not be able to control both the Combat Drones and Harvesting Drones at the same time, but they would be able to easily grant the Harvesters controls to someone of the Crew.

This would be the dream of every carebear out there, however such drones would be only available for Multicapsule Ships and Multicapsule Ships would not be allowed to fly in High Security space.

Once the ores are extracted, the Captain would be able to reprocess them in the ship Micro Factory and then use the minerals for constructing ammo and modules.

I think that Micro Factories for Multicapsule Ships must be a part of the ship structure and they would not be equipped as a module in a slot. They must be a mandatory part of these types of ships.

These are my thoughts on obtaining ores in Uncharted Space. Now moving on the next topic:

”How exactly would Multicapsule Ships create safe routes between newly discovered solar systems?”

They would use special deployable structures called Cynosural Beacons.

EDIT: Looks like by the time I was typing this I have discovered cynosural beacons without knowing that they already existed in the game. :)

These devices would be able to be produced in a Multicapsule Ship Micro Factory. The purpose of these beacons would be to create a cynosural field so that the ships can jump to their location. They would be able to be remotely activated only by their parent ship or the ones that have access to their frequencies and activation codes.  A dedicated Multicapsule Ship Crew would create a network of Cynosural Beacons so that they can use their Jump Portal Generators to travel to between their systems. 
Of course these Cynosural Beacons would be fully destructible. 

There might be regular Cynosural Beacons that can be detected upon activation, and Covert Cynosural Beacons that cannot be detected. Optionally the two types of beacons would be able to equip a Cloaking Device that would conceal them while they stay inactive in space.

The beacons must be regularly fueled with Liquid Ozone in order to operate. Creating Jump Bridges and maybe Covert Jump Bridges would also be a good option, but it would be available to larger ships like Capital Explorers.

These are my thoughts. See you next time. :)

EDIT: The idea evolved further. See it here.

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