Friday, July 20, 2012

Ammo Revolvers Idea Revised

Hello people!

It doesn’t have to be Monday to have a bad day and it doesn’t have to be Friday to have a good day. Seriously who said that Monday is a bad day anyway? I don’t believe in this nonsense.

So no matter what day it is today – it’s a great time to revise the Ammo Revolvers Idea.

I have thought of some clarifications and some work on the detail and also I have added my personal opinion regarding the balance of the idea.

When I started thinking of Amarr ships laser systems that have the advantage to quickly switch between various frequency crystal types, I thought that it is not fair. Adding the fact that most frequency crystals provide infinite ammo supply made me think that compared to other faction ships it is not fair at all.

Well, keeping in mind that the Amarr is the oldest empire among all the four major empires, it would be relevant for them to have developed more advanced technologies. Also, we should not forget that Amarr ship laser turrets have high reliance on capacitor and they have high energy usage, meaning that if the ship capacitor is compromised, they would not be able to defend with their lasers. At this point it sounds perfectly fair for the Amarr to have the ability to instantly switch between different laser ammo types and to have infinite ammo. There is balance.

However, thinking about the rest of the empires and their turret technology, it seems like they still have some archaic designs regarding switching between ammo types. It would be relevant if various faction engineers and researchers attempt to come up with the Amarr and at least develop some ammo switching technology that is more or less competitive to the one that golden ships have.

This is where the Ammo Revolvers idea took place.

Ammo Revolvers are meant to be modules that would allow three defined hybrid ammo types or two defined Projectile ammo types to be cycled the way that Amarr ships switch between frequency crystals.

A Hybrid Ammo Revolver would have three cells that can be fitted with the desired hybrid ammo magazines. When switching between them their quantity would remain and should not reload until the pilot commands so and there will be no need for the magazine (cell) to be armed in order to reload. The ammo cells would reload automatically only in the case when the pilot continues to activate the turrets and does not switch to another ammo cell.

This would allow the pilots to have three defined ammo types that would still deplete and need to reload, but they would be able to quickly switch between them in order to have more options when selecting between damage types and firing range.

When right clicking on a turret or a group of turrets, the menu would show the three ammo types in cells and then expand for each cell showing all available ammo types (for reloading) and the option to reload the current type.

For Minmatar ships there might be Projectile Ammo Revolvers. They would have only two cells for ammo magazines since projectiles take more space than hybrid shells.

Getting rid of some old designs I think that all Ammo Revolvers should allow all available cells to be reloaded separately and simultaneously.

The old idea suggested that Ammo Revolvers should be modules or rigs and then I came up with the proposal for them to be purchasable Upgrades that do not require any slot, but they would be able to be applied to a desired ship.

Well this seems irrelevant to me now. I suggest that every Gallente, Caldari and Minmatar ship should have Ammo Revolver Systems equipped by default.

The Amarr would still have their infinite ammo advantage and will remain as the only faction which has their ships able to switch between any laser ammo types instantly.

The rest of the factions would be able to use the Ammo Revolver Systems in order to have a little better life when switching between turret ammo. Yet switching between hybrid and projectile ammo cells would be a little slower – it would take up to 1.5 seconds.

Here are some clarifications on the way that pilots would be able to fit their Ammo Revolver System with desired ammo types.

When the fitting window is open dragging the ammo may cause two or three cells to appear below each turret so that the pilot can fill them. Dropping the ammo to the ship model will fill each first cell of each turret. Dropping another type of ammo to the ship will fill another cell of each turret and so on, until all are filled.

And finally there might be some additional balance touches to these systems. Probably having an Ammo Revolver System would have some cargohold drawbacks, and so this may require changes to the ships that use it. There is also some alternative option – to simply make slight changes to the ship models so that they can have the extra space for the new Ammo Revolver Systems and so everybody will be happy with their untouched cargoholds.

This was the Ammo Revolvers idea revised. Hope you like it.

Fly Free!

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