Thursday, July 5, 2012

Adding More to Multicapsule Ships

Here again.

Since I started to fiddle with the Multicapsule Ships idea these days (starting here and continuing here), now it’s time for the next part. Surprised? Yes? No?

Never mind.

As usual for my boring style of presentation I will answer some more of the questions that I ask myself while thinking on the idea and by some chance you may find out that you would ask the same questions, well… in case you are familiar with the topic. ;)

Let’s begin.

“How would Multicapsule Ship Captain and Crew perform their Exploration tasks? Would they need to equip a Probe Launcher on the host battleship and so lowering its firepower?”

Actually that won’t be needed.

As mentioned before, Crew members would be able to fit and refit their frigates while they sit inside the Shell of the host ship. By remotely connecting to every frigate, they would be able to modify it as they please. Of course Crew members would use the battleship shared cargohold to find their items. The cargohold itself would have rather big capacity, but it would still have its limit and maybe there won’t be that much possible fitting combinations for the frigates as some greedy capsuleers would want to have.

Having the option to refit the frigates while they are inside the host ship would give the unique ability to fit each one with a Core Probe Launcher or Expanded Probe Launcher. Then the Crew members would be able remotely connect to the frigates and launch probes in space. Multicapsule Battleships would give bonuses to probe strength and boost every frigate’s sensors.

As mentioned before, the host battleship would have special hatches that allow Crew members to use the frigate launchers while still inside the host ship. With the option to have three frigates using their launchers while inside the host ship, there may be three Crew members busy with probing.

Actually I think that the three frigates limit would apply only to smaller Crew Bays while the larger Crew Bays would allow more frigates to use their launchers while inside the host ship.

This would involve Combined Scans. In other words this would mean that the three Crew members that explore the newly discovered solar system would be able to see their friends’ probes position and their current range. Of course other members’ probes would be visually faded in order for the pilot to distinguish them from their own probes. This would allow Crew members to scan more effectively and cover larger area of space for a shorter time. Also – this would mean that the Crew can focus their attention to more things found on the scanner, rather than needing to scan each one by one.

These options would give pilots some really good flexibility. Only the idea of cooperative exploration makes me feel excited already. :)

Another question:

”OK, Multicapsule Battleships would have the option to store frigates and so form a fleet whenever the Crew wants. I would love to fly beside the Captain and help them, but can’t I be with my Battlecruiser and still fly beside the Host Ship? I would feel too vulnerable in a frigate.”

Well… I’m thinking of some options here.

First off, there might be Multicapsule Battlecruisers as well. They would be able to store not more than two frigates inside them. They would also be able to change their fittings on the fly with the same limitations that Multicapsule Battleships have.

This is how pilots can fly their battlecruisers beside the captain’s host battleship while having the same ability to store frigates and thus having more firepower and making the fleet even larger. Actually the battlecruiser pilots don’t need to store frigates inside their ships but they would still be able to explore Uncharted Space, because they would have the same Telescopic Devices and drone-probes that Multicapsule Battleships send to newly discovered stars. They would be able to use Micro Jump Drives.

Multicapsule Battlecruisers would also have Micro Factories and they would be capable of producing ammo and modules on the fly. They would also be able to produce Cynosural Beacons as well, but maybe they would be smaller and more limited than the ones that Multicapsule Battleships produce. Yet their factories would be even more limited. They would be able to have only one Harvesting Drone (capable to equip one Strip Miner, Ice Harvester or Gas Cloud Harvester).

Multicapsule Battlecruisers would be larger than existing battlecruisers and Multicapsule Battleships would be larger than their existing counterparts as well.   

I feel satisfied with these designs. How about you?

What? Where did everybody go? The lecture is not over!

Anyway. See you next time. At the exam. :)

There are some further clarifications regarding Multicapsule ships and Uncharted Space. Check them out if you like.

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