Saturday, June 2, 2012

Silver Wings Background

Today I decided to disclose some information from my classified projects. After a short discussion on Twitter regarding the idea of a Tech 3 Dropsuit in DUST 514, I thought that it would be nice to share my ideas. I’ve been thinking of such things for a very long time and I have written off some concepts regarding the unique abilities that Tech 3 Dropsuits would have. Well… maybe I will share them in a later post, but I will do it right, that's why now I want to show you the Background Story of the secret agency that has manufactured the Dropsuits (and not only) that I’m talking about.

Silver Wings - Arbiter Tech  3 Dropsuit

Silver Wings - Arbiter Tech 3 Dropsuit

You can view my flickr gallery for more of these.

I hope you enjoy this story. Please keep in mind that this is still Fan Fiction.

I apologize for the Concept Art is not as good as it should be. I will do my best to improve my artistic skills, but I need some time for that.

This is a part of my Black Pearl Project.


Silver Wings Agency - Background

Soon after the end of the Gallente – Caldari war, the Gallente Judicial Arm, along with the former president came to consideration of the need of a specialized unit that needs to secretly monitor the possible enemies of the Federation, gather information and protect the citizens. Although there were already established and working covert agencies, the Gallente government felt the need of combining their efforts and acquire better control over their authorities. There should be a secret organization that had to operate under the direct control of Judicial Arm and sometimes the president. Soon after that, a reputable member of the Supreme Court – a judge named Armin Alekzander, came with a conclusion. His trusted men managed to form an organization of few combined covert authorities that later called themselves the Silver Wings Agency. With the approval of the Senate, the new authority received the highest rank among the existing covert agencies. Agents under the flag of the new organization had almost unlimited access to classified information, were provided with the last word of government technology and managed to keep the balance between the rival empires for a define period of time.

Silver Wings Emblem

Later on, there were issues that put Armin Alekzander out of the law. It all started when he tried to introduce a project with designs concerning deep space exploration with specially designed exploring capital ships, able to gather and produce all the materials needed for surviving in space light years away from the closest civilized system. His goal was to give the capsuleers the opportunity to explore new worlds and colonize them. His designs were rejected by the Senate, since they were convinced that such tasks would be too dangerous, expensive and risky.

Some time later a disturbing video report from an agent that worked close to Armin, spread the information of him being mentally unstable and markedly unable to command the Silver Wings Agency, take adequate decisions and responsibilities. The reporting agent name remained hidden. Although the files did not show for certain the event that provoked Alekzander, the Senate and the judges were forced to replace him with someone else. 

Being a close friend with the President, Armin bought himself some time until his retirement. 
Later, the Judges and the Senate received reports of Armin and his trusted men taken control on most of his previously subordinate authorities. Armin expressed his aversion to the government, claiming that they had allowed their commanders to operate selfishly and without basic understanding of humanity and discretion. He highlighted the attack over Caldary Prime as a perfect example of his words and supported the doings of Admiral Tovil-Toba making himself a traitor to Gallente Federation.

They were slow to react and soon the core segments of Silver Wings, along with secret equipment, blueprints and data, disappeared without a trace. Realizing that they had given him too much knowledge and power, they quickly authorized the rest of their trusted covert agencies to pursue him and bring him to justice.

Armin Alekzander was reported as the most wanted criminal in the Gallente Federation, however this was never announced to the common people in the Federation borders or to the rest of the world. Soon after that suspicious rumors spread among the secret agencies, saying that Alekzander works closely with outer factions like the Angel Cartel and the Guristas, and later the mysterious Jovian Directorate. No one has confirmed the authenticity of these rumors at this time. So far they fail their attempts to find the Silver Wings leader.

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