Monday, May 28, 2012

Fitting Experiments - Hyperion Active Tank


Nothing special here, just fiddling with EFT, trying some active tank options on a Hyperion Battleship. Feel free to give any advice or critique.

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I was very satisfied with the tank capabilities of this ship. Especially when overheating the Repair modules.

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I know that there are some other good options here such as removing the Tracking Computer or the Medium Cap Booster and adding another Sensor Booster, but I prefer it Cap stable and with better turret tracking.

I know that it does not have the range of a Rokh, but still has some decent range.

I also tried some 425mm turret fit.

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Sometimes I feel that I have just discovered something that everybody knows, but I decided to share it in case you find it interesting.

Have a good day!


Fly safe!

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