Thursday, April 26, 2012

Battle Ram!

Today I have some more ideas that I want to share with you.

Right to the point: it’s about desperate times during epic battles between Internet Spaceship Pilots. More precisely – setting a Collision Course and Ram the dominating enemy ship.

Yes – we have seen this in EVE. I do recall the Nyx Mothership colliding with the Ishukone Headquarters station not that long ago.

Keeping these things in mind, I began thinking that it would be a good idea to make Capsuleers able to turn their ships into fiery comets and Ram their rival’s ship.

I also had a similar idea for Drones – they might be able to be set for a suicidal Ram and thus do some unexpected extra damage.

Let me describe what I have in mind. I will start with the Drone Ram idea, cause I’m Gallente.

Drone Ram!

Actually the title speaks for itself. How nice would it be if a Myrmidon pilot was able to turn some or all of their drones into guided bombs and sacrifice them in the name of Victory? I have to tell you that I can imagine this pretty well and there is a smirk on my face.

It would be really simple. There might be a drone right click option that sets the drone(s) to a collision course and Ram the targeted ship. The drones will be destroyed, but they will do some significant damage to the target. I think it’s fair enough.

Technically there might be some Gallente military scientist that has had the idea to put a Core Detonation System to every combat drone. In addition to this he could have made some modifications to drone thrusters, making them able to make a burst that could wing the drones to their target and eventually burn their engines permanently, but that wouldn’t really matter since the drones would successfully Ram their target and they would explode damaging the poor victim.

Visually when the drones are set to Ram their target, there would be some bright energy/voltaic arcs caused by the thrusters burnout, making them look like little comets. These energy trails would follow the pattern of the drone’s movement until they ram their target, making a nice devastating explosion to the ship surface. The energy trails would surround the drones and they would be race specific – depending on their thrusters color light effect.

Yes! This would give some good advantages to Gallente ships (and every other drone boat as well) and maybe the people that think that Gallenteans are suckers, would eventually start to show some respect.

I hope you like this idea. Now let’s talk about Spaceship Ram capabilities.

Spaceship Battle Ram!

Every pilot should have the special option to make their last stand when losing a battle, turn their dying ship into a comet and take their rival with them into the blazing flames.

When right-clicking on a targeted ship, there would be an option called “Battle Ram”. When selecting that option, there would be some confirmation box with a big bright badass button saying “RAM” Of course there would be some keyboard button combination for this. When hitting this key combination, the pilot might have to confirm the Battle Ram by hitting the keys again. Once the ram is confirmed, the ship would burn its engines for the last time, turning itself into a fiery meteor and blast the enemy boat to oblivion.

Technically almost every ship would be modified so that the thrusters make a burnout, reaching some really high velocity and eventually destroy the engines permanently. The Power Core Detonator would turn the ship core into a bomb when the impact is made. Afterburners and Micro Warp Drives would increase the speed of the engines burnout significantly. When the ship systems note that the collision is inevitable, the ship would spit the pilot capsule in the opposite direction. In addition the pilot would be able to eject manually and warp out quickly. There might be some interesting situations here if the target eventually succeeds to evade the ram and the ship engines die after the burn leaving it without a pilot. The enemies would eventually board the ship and take it for repair – nice benefit. Or else – if the pilot capsule is still in the ship, their enemies would start some ransom negotiations with them, being a helpless victim.

One more thing. There might be some option to set the capsule warp to the nearest celestial object in case the pilot decides to set their ship for a Battle Ram.

Visually when a pilot decides to set their ship for a Battle Ram, there might be some bright energy/voltaic arcs on the ship surface, caused by the thrusters’ burnout, making them look like comets or meteors. These energy trails would follow the pattern of the ship movement until it rams the target, making a massive devastating explosion to the enemy ship. The energy trails would surround the ramming ship and they would be race specific – depending on their thrusters color light effect.

Oh, and we should not forget all the dangerous and explosive ammo that pilots carry in their cargoholds. Yes. As we all know some ammunitions – hybrid or projectile – have dangerous warheads that may detonate when the ship explode. Also – missiles – they may have some significant chance to explode with the ship. All these things may add some additional damage to the ramming ship explosion depending on how much ammo is stored. Well… frequency crystals do not explode. Sorry Amarr dudes.


Someone would say that having the option to ruin the victor’s life with a sudden berserk ram is some unfair advantage. This is why it should be optional and for a price. There might be an Upgrade Package called Ship Core Impact Detonator (or something like that), that would be specific for each ship size and able to be applied to the ship with a right-click menu option.

The same thing for the drones. There might be some Drone Upgrade Packages called Drone Core Impact Detonators (or something like that) that may be applied to each drone so that the Drone Ram option is made available. If the pilot can’t afford to pimp every drone with these upgrades – there might be some little icons in the drone window showing the status of each drone and thus indicating whether the drone is capable for a Ram or not.

All these Upgrades might be available on the market at a respectful price.

Finally – there might be some countermeasures to Ship Battle Ram. Probably a Stasis Webifier would have some significant chance to disturb the ramming ship engines in the middle of their ram burnout, so that they just shut down permanently before the ship reach the target.

Also – there might be some other Ship Upgrades (I doubt that someone would prefer ram preventing modules or rigs) that prevent ship ram by disabling the Core Impact Detonator in the ship or disturb the engines so that they cannot initiate a ram burnout. Again – such upgrades may be available on the market at a significant cost.

Actually – having such Upgrade Packages tends to turn into some individual idea. Here is the first time it appeared – the Ammo Revolvers post. Probably such Upgrades would be displayed somewhere in the Fitting window of each ship. They would have some good balance between advantages and drawbacks… but I think this is for some future post.

In addition to all these countermeasures, there could be more stuff. For example: if the target ship still has some shield left and its explosive resistance is good, then it would be more likely for this ship to survive the ram.

The ship ability to survive ram would be affected by Agility. Probably ships with good agility, having Inertia Stabilizers and/or some agility rigs would survive or evade a Battle Ram more easily. It is certain that if the ramming ship is larger than its target, then it would be very likely for it to miss and burn its engines.

Maybe there might be some pro maneuvering trick to avoid the ram, but I will leave this to the veterans pilots.

One more thing. If the ramming ship is too damaged, it would eventually fall apart before it reaches the target because the engines ram burnout would do some damage to the ship.

Drone Ram would also be able to be avoided with some more Upgrade Packages that have some defined chance to neutralize the ramming drones.

Evading ship Battle Ram or Drone ram would also depend on the pilot’s Evasive Maneuvering Skills, or maybe there should be some new skills that increase the chance to avoid ram when using the Upgrades mentioned above.

This is how I imagine things. I hope you like these ideas.

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