Thursday, April 26, 2012

Animated Drone Bays

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Really nice things are going to happen with the next EVE expansion. They already started happening actually. One definitely nice thing is that CCP are now working on Missiles and Missile Launchers tweaking making them well animated and with cool effects.

This is why I started thinking: “What would be next?” and I said “I know – Animated Drone Bays!” :)

Animated Drone Bays

We all know what happens when we launch our drones. They just pop up around our ship and start flying. This would be considered normal in some other games but this is EVE and everything about EVE is just realistically cool and wonderful. This is why I imagine various ship Drone Bays with some cool effects and realistic animations. I have seen some EVE videos where Gallente ships were launching their drones and they were really nice.

So please CCP do this for us. Make drones better. Probably someone would say that such upgrades are irrelevant, but I am a perfectionist and I wouldn’t agree, also – I know that CCP guys care more and work harder. :)

I will tell you how I imagine these things.

I imagine various Drone Bays with animated hatches that open and launch drones quickly with some cool light effect. The light effect itself is actually some gravitational/magnetic energy burst that has the function to wing the drones at full speed. This would result in some rapid sparkling light coming out of the ship Drone Bay that would be seen from afar.

These energy bursts that launch drones – their colors may vary depending on the ship race. For example Gallente ships would have greenish drone launch bursts, while Caldary and Amarr ships would have bluish ones. Minmarat ships would have fiery drone launch bursts.
This would result in slightly delayed drone launch, but it would look much better, so I think it’s worth it.

You can also see my previous post where I describe some more ideas for combat drones.

Probably there might be some other effects and tweaks to Drones and I believe that CCP guys would do amazing things if they decide to retouch the Drone system.

I’m glad that I’m still a part of this wonderful universe even when I am unable to play the game.

I wish you the best.

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