Thursday, March 29, 2012

What is the Black Pearl Project?

I am here to introduce my latest and obviously largest project. The Black Pearl Project.

The Black Pearl came as a bright idea for a new Sci-Fi game, but after the massive influence that EVE had on me, I decided that it must be dedicated to this ever vibrant universe.

Present day the Black Pearl Project is aiming to provide fresh ideas to EVE Developers and Players and do the best to enrich the universe of New Eden. Not just once – its goal is to provide concepts repeatedly and become an integral part of our vast and exciting Sci-Fi world. The project will promote ideas of all kind covering every aspect of the game and also provide new elements to fill open gaps or add entirely new content and help New Eden to expand beyond measure. This is my way to contribute to my favorite parallel reality which has become my second Home.

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To promote the Black Pearl Project I will disclose some of the best ideas presented in the main file (one hundred pages):

  • Gift Abilities
  • Multivision Optic System and Implants
  • Various Planetary Viruses and Diseases
  • Multicapsule Ships
  • Forcefield Blades
  • Medics and their Surgeon Tools
  • Psychic Capsuleers
  • Black Pearl Body Fitting & Interaction
  • Silver Wings Arbiter

It took nearly one whole year to finish the first part of the project and eventually I came up with something that is more or less complete. Unfortunately I do not have PDF designing skills and my artistic skills are still at the beginner level. This is why the project still looks like a huge draft.

After a short desperation caused by some Real Life issues I decided to bring the fight for my cause to the next level. What I realized was that I need some friends by my side. Sadly – none of the people around me are interested in EVE. I lost connection to my corpmates. And what’s worse of all – my outdated hardware doesn’t allow me to play the game and I have been out of space since the Incarna Expansion.

But this can’t stop me and I am still a capsuleer to the bone. Some of you might say that I haven’t the right to present new ideas since I am not in the game and eventually can’t get familiar with the various aspects of gameplay, but I assure you that I am right there – watching. And I see many things happening. I saw the Jita Protest, and then I saw the Crucible Expansion that fixed things, after that was Fanfest which was really exciting. Not to mention that I got to read most of the dev blogs coming out during this entire period. But what’s most important here is the fact that EVE inspired me. Not just for a day – it inspired me for a lifetime! I just can’t let go. And I want to give something in return, because giving something makes me as happy as when I receive. The real source of happiness is when you have a complete cycle of giving and receiving. EVE makes me happy and so I want to make EVE happy. I will do my best!

I'm looking for some new EVE friends.

If you are interested in this project you can read some of the Black Pearl Presentation Site. If you like what you see, you can use the contact form there, get in touch and request the entire file package.

Today I will start posting the ideas that are not listed in the presentation site. I will show you the best concepts that came up to my mind. Starting with the Forcefield Blades.

You can also read the newest Black Pearl idea for Overview Improvements.

And what’s most important: I’m calling all the fellow Capsuleers that enjoy the project to join me in this cause! If you have ideas and want to share them, if you want to contribute to our exciting universe, if you want to do more, if you want to have a friend by your side to help you promote your projects, if you want to share your EVE inspiration, then join me – let’s get together and do something memorable!

For those of you that decide to join me – you will need to read the entire 100 pages file of the Black Pearl. Of course I will read all the ideas that you share. Get in touch, request the files and we’ll get the ball rolling. I am hoping to inspire you. You must know that if two men share their ideas then each one of them will have two ideas.

We can assemble a team. This team will promote ideas and help enrich the vibrant universe of New Eden. Together we will be strong!

EVE Forever!

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