Saturday, March 24, 2012

Overview Booster

Good things happen during Fanfest. Take the night before it started: I had an idea for some Overview improvements in EVE. On the other day I was watching the Fanfest stream and learned that the CCP Fleet needs improvements on the Overview. Someone from the CSM members talked about it.

So this is what I’m going to blog about.

I will say again that I am out of EVE at the moment because my PC has outdated hardware, but I will get back in one way or another. Meanwhile I am having more ideas.

It all started when I remembered how difficult it was sometimes to select the appropriate target in order to keep distance to your foes or control their influence on you. So I started thinking of some handy buttons on top of the Overview that allow pilots to easily select targets, sorted by different criteria depending on their behavior. I will call them Quick Selection Buttons.

For example: If the pilots want to select the targets that have the highest velocity, they should simply click one of these buttons and the fastest target should be centered in the Overview and selected as if it has been clicked. Pressing the same button again should select another target that also moves faster than the others.

Not only that. Ctrl + Click on the button responsible for a certain target criteria should lock the target automatically. This can be very useful.

In addition to that – the Quick selection buttons might be able to be configured to sort targets of different criteria. For example the fastest targets should be sorted on top of the Overview when the pilots click the button responsible for fastest targets.

So now I have written off some options that might make our lives much easier when it comes to selecting targets. The buttons described below are mostly dedicated to selecting ships, but as the idea evolves, there might be some other options.

Here is the idea.

These Overview Quick Selection Buttons might be placed in two (or more) rows on top of the Overview or at the bottom if the pilots prefer so.

Next most important thing is that all the buttons should be able to be configured either to select targets or sort them in the Overview using the Right Click menu of the buttons.

Other options might be available to filter the targets on the fly.

Here are some button examples.

  • Nearest/Distant Target
These two buttons may be responsible for selecting the targets that are closer to the pilot’s ship, or the ones that are further away from it at the moment of selection. If the Sort option is selected, then nearest/distant targets should be sorted on top of the Overview. In addition to that there should be Right click options to sort or select NPCs only or players ships only, or all the types of ships in grid.

  • Most Aggressive
This button selects or sorts the targets that deal much more DPS to the pilot’s ship than the others, or the ones that have the highest damage in enemy fleet, or in friendly fleet, or in grid (selectable right click options). In addition to that there might be some advanced options like defining which targets should be selected/sorted by defining the amount of targets damage that should be recognized. The button also may start to glow or blink softly if there is a target that is more aggressive than the others (defined in the button options menu). Another option is to make the button make a short, non-annoying sexy beep when that happens.

  • Fastest/Slowest
These two buttons select or sort the targets that move with the highest or lowest velocity. Other right click options should be selecting or sorting only NPCs or only hostile targets that have locked the pilot, or the ones that attempt to attack the friendly fleet, or only friendly targets, or everyone in grid.

  • Previous/Previous Defined/Next Defined/Next Projected Effect
These four buttons select or sort the targets that use any sort of Electronic Warfare, Enegry Destabilizers or other projected effects. When such targets appear, the buttons start to glow or blink softly. They also may be configured to make a beep. The Previous and Next Projected Effect buttons may select all sorts of such targets while the Previous Defined and Next Defined Projected Effect buttons may be set to recognize only one type of projected effect – the one that matters most to the pilot. In addition to that the Previous and Next (not defined) buttons may be configured by determining which targets should be selected with priority. These buttons may be also configured to select or sort only targets that affect the pilot, the ones that affect their fleet, the ones from their fleet or anyone in grid.

I also think that the buttons may have the option to select the next target of specific criteria by clicking on the button again and selecting the previous one by Shift + clicking on it. This will reduce the button count.

  • Previous/Next Marked Target
These two buttons are special. They select or sort the targets that the pilot has previously marked as important. There might be an option to mark any pilot as a target (right click menu option), also mark some NPC or structure (in missions) etc. This might be very useful for Bounty Hunters, Mission Runners and not only. The buttons start to glow or blink softly when a Marked Target appears and they also can be configured to make a beep when that happens. The glow and beep must be different depending on how many marked targets have appeared and the buttons might automatically sort the targets instead of selecting them if the targets are more than one.

  • Recently Warped In
This button selects or sorts the ships that have just warped in. It can be useful when someone is scanning, or in mission and fleet fights, especially if the buttons is configured to make a beep. It also glows when someone new has appeared.

  • Previous/Next Specified Type
These two buttons select or sort only ship types that are defined by the pilot. They can define the selection of any specific ship type (frigates, battlecruisers etc.) or select the exact ship by selecting or typing its name in a search box. The targets can also be sorted in NPC, friendly fleet members or anyone in grid.

Thinking more in this direction – maybe it would be good if the pilots are able to select between the option to have more buttons (previous/next etc.) or have less buttons and use “click again” to select the next target and “Shift + click” to select the previous.

These are the buttons that I have been thinking of. If you think of some more options please don’t hesitate to discuss this. I really think that such Overview Quick Selection Buttons can make our lives better.

I hope you like this idea.

And if you really, really like it, then please spread the word about it.

I will say only one more thing here.

Some of you may have heard that present time I find myself in a hardship. I have been trying to get some help, but no one recognized me except one of my friends, but he couldn’t do much. I’m trying to help my brother for finding a proper medical assistance for him and also help myself for improving my artistic skills. My dream is to be a Concept Artist and 3D artist and work for some big game company like CCP. If there is someone among you – my readers – that thinks that I deserve help, then please get familiar with my situation by checking my page for donations.

I will be very grateful for any assistance. Also – I will do my best to make our game better than ever – I will share my ideas here. I have a lot of ideas. Check out the Black Pearl Project for some of them.

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