Friday, March 16, 2012

Future Plans

It’s good to have plans. Someone could say that having plans is a silly idea, since most of the things that happen to us cannot be planned, but still it is good to have some idea of what you should be doing for the next few months. Also – I totally agree with this idea:

If you have no plans, chances are that you will eventually fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.
 Jim Rohn

This applies not only in Real Life, but also in EVE… which actually is Real Life again. ;)

So… I am now playing with the EVE Fitting Tool – checking out various fittings for the ships I want to fly in the near future when I will eventually come back to New Eden. This will happen in one way or another. And when it does, I will finally be Home again! :)

Ahhh… precious dreams!

I want to show you what I came up with for my favorite Vexor cruiser. I tried various fittings and finally found a good solution for Mission Running – the aspect that I will focus on trough the early days of my return.

Here it is!
Click to enlarge.

The first thing I did was to set up the firepower. I wanted to have the most of my damage, but also a ship that is resilient when it comes to heavy fights. I also wanted to have a Sharpshooter Vexor, capable to hit enemies from afar. Reading the impressive Project Athena by Kirith Kodachi lead me to this decision. 200mm Railgun II was the perfect solution since it has prominent damage output and range, and due to the moderate Powergrid and CPU requirements I was able to fit all the four turret hardpoints.

My next goal was to build a ship that has optimal damage resistances. I did this by fitting one Adaptive Nano Plating II, Damage Control II and Medium Anti-Explosive Pump II. You can see the result – all resistances are above 50%. I could make the resistances even higher, but that would collide with my third goal.

My third goal was to make the cruiser cap stable even with all the modules active, so that I can be confident for completing heavy missions. Having a Medium Armor Repairer II made this task a serious one. I reached this goal by fitting a Capacitor Power Relay II and 2x Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II. This allowed me to fire my turrets at distant enemies and if I use the proper ammo I can even have my capacitor stable. Of course, the main powers of the Vexor are the drones, but some extra turret damage at an adequate range is always useful to me. How about you?

When I had my goals complete, I started shaping the things up, covering the rest of the combat aspects of the fitting.

Next was fitting an Afterburner. I always prefer these modules rather than the MicroWarpdrives, since the last ones cannot be used in deadspace complexes and are vulnerable to Scrambling.

After that I remembered one serious problem of the Railguns. They have pretty low tracking speed and this is why they often miss agile targets. This is why I fitted a Tracking Computer II. With the proper scripts I can even manage to increase the optimal turret range, but I actually prefer to have all the bonuses and this is why I haven’t equipped any scripts.

Finally I wanted to take a good care of my drones. The Drone Link Augmentor II was an easy decision. Also the Omnidirectional Tracking Link II made them more accurate by increasing their tracking and range.

I was pretty satisfied with this fitting. I also played around with some options.

For example: I wanted to see how far I can shoot with my railguns, so I loaded them with Tech II ammo. The result was spectacular, even without the Optimal Range script of the Tracking Computer. However – the capacitor could not be stable with all the modules running, so I had to choose whether to turn off my Afterburner or turn off the Armor Repairer. 

Click to enlarge.

Using the same Tech II ammo I also learned that I could turn one of the turrets, the Tracking Computer and the Afterburner off so that I could make the capacitor stable when overheating the Armor Repairer, which looked pretty useful for me.

Note that you will need to have the Advanced Weapon Upgrades Skill to level 5 if you want to fit all of the turrets. Also - this fitting has no implants added to character.

This is it. Now I have a good plan on how to make my life easier when I get back. I will probably move on to a Battlecruiser soon enough, but I really like my Vexor, so I want to make a good use of it.

Hope you will find this fitting useful.

EDIT: Thinking that all this Tech II equipment would cost too much and probably it would be more relevant to Vexor Navy Issue or Ishtar made me think of some more affordable modules. Check the last picture out.

Click to enlarge.
Yep! You noticed that it is even more cap stable than the more expensive fitting above. That's really cool.

I don't like to mix drones, this is why they are selected in relevant groups. I also managed to equip two Armor Maintenance drones!

Best wishes! :)

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