Thursday, March 29, 2012

Forcefield Blades

Introducing the Forcefield Blades Idea from the Black Pearl Project.

Being inspired by many blade fights that I’ve seen, I decided to attempt to bring the excitement of such battles to the Sci-Fi universe of EVE. I have done my best to make this idea original and not colliding with existing concepts in the genre. I was not aware of the Nova Knife idea, presented in the DUST 514 site when I was designing the Forcefield Blades. Seems like a strange coincidence that CCP and I have come to similar projects.

Forcefield Blades

They have a generator in the handle that creates a field around the blade. For example the Plasma Field Swords - they make the air molecules around the blade vibrate in plasma condition, so it can melt and cut most armors and objects. The plasmatic molecules are contained around the blade using electromagnetic field. The blade activates on impact only – so that energy is not being wasted. Visually there is some kind of a blue shining smoke coming out of the blade and there is a bright light shining at the moment of impact with enemies and objects. Usually the blades look like any ordinary weapon, but some of them use different types of compression in order to be handier. For example the modern Field Swords – they are made of nanites, contained by a magnetic field. The nanites can shrink the blade to a compressed handle-like shape (looks like living mercury when transforming), so the weapon can be easily stored and hidden. And yes, these kinds of blades are very expensive…

OK… Let’s get deeper into this.

The weapons mentioned above are commonly called Energy Blades. They have been extremely rare and information about them has often been considered as nothing more than rumors and legends. The legend says that invention of these blades was inspired by an ancient work of art that comes from Earth thousands of years ago. It is known that they have been used in the past. People also know that present time they have gone trough significant changes and improvements and their use has been expanded to wider military societies. The modern energy blades can be remotely connected to a power generating device, worn by their bearer. This allows them to be more efficient and not only – has it given them the ability to emit an energy blast from their tip, which can hurt the enemy from a distance. After the blast, the weapon needs to recharge, but is still capable to ignite and cut trough any defenses. The electromagnetic field that supports these blades usually covers the entire weapon and so it protects not only the blade but also the handle and the hands that hold it. This is why an energy halberd or naginata can block another energy blade attack even with its non-sharp parts. Actually the field around the handle can also ignite an energy burst that collides with the enemy blade. Of course wearing special protective gauntlets is obligate for everyone that uses these exotic blades.

When both enemies have such blades, the fight looks pretty much like a common blade battle. When the weapons meet, their magnetic fields combined with the energy emitted on ignition, prevent them from being destroyed. The blades shine for less than a second (or as long as the impact lasts) and their light is so bright that observers see it like an oxyacetylene torch-lamp spot (that remains in their view for a while) and there are many sparkles coming out of the blades.

Energy Blades have limited generator energy that recharges rapidly. Blades activate on impact only and thus they save this energy, but if the impacts are too frequent or last longer the generator will go down. That’s why every move must be carefully measured.

These modern blades are even more expensive…

Basically there are three types of energy blades – they use different energy sources:

Antimatter – unstable weapons (there is some minor, but not irrelevant chance to hurt their bearer), they have the highest damage (kinetic and thermal type), the shortest blast range and high energy consumption.

Plasma – stable weapons, medium or high damage (thermal and explosive), medium blast range and medium energy consumption.

Electric – not as stable as plasma, but still can be trusted, low or medium damage (EM and thermal), longest range, low energy consumption and they have stun effect.

Various Forcefield Blade Warriors may be designed in future. Actually I have already seen something similar in the EVE universe. Let’s remember this Minmatar picture.

More content will be added to this when I start writing the next part of the Black Pearl Project.

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