Monday, January 2, 2012

Improved Info Sharing System

Hello and Happy New Year everyone!

2012 is an exciting new beginning for me and I hope you feel the same way too. May this year bring to you everything you’ve been missing trough the last one and a lot, lot more! I wish for you to have many adventures, unforgettable moments and shared dreams, also love, joy, brighter days and passionate nights! Cheers! 

Today’s post will be dedicated to some aspect of EVE that I think should be redesigned a little. I am really sorry for not being able to return to New Eden and I hope that you won’t say that I haven’t the right to ask for improvements in EVE while not actually playing the game at the moment.

It all started back in my corp when I was still in the game. We had a little conversation with my corp CEO and I asked him if he wanted me to make my certificates public so that he can see my training level. His answer to that was “Absolutely not. It also lets your enemies see them.”

He was right. And this was the day when I started thinking of an option to make my certificates public, but not to everyone – just visible to selected pilots that I trust. Actually this would be really cool option.

Present days I hear that some larger corporations or institutions in EVE ask their members to share their API keys. This is a good way to monitor members activity, check out their skill progress and such, but I feel that there should be some ingame system that allows pilots to share only what they wish to share and also share it only to people they know, the ones they trust most. Also information might be divided to different aspects and each of them would be able to be shared with selected individuals, corporations, alliances…

I learned that sharing the API key is pretty secure and I don’t mean to say that extra ingame info sharing options must replace it.

By now I am focused in certificates sharing. I will give some example:

Let’s say that I have my certificates private, not shared with anyone. But the officer responsible for me wants to know my skill progress. Then I should be able to show him my certificates in a way that nobody else sees them. I might have the option to share my certificates only to my corp members or only to members of my alliance. Also I should be able to select the exact certificates that I wish to share with selected people, corps, alliances and so on. This is pretty much possible at the moment, but we only got two options – “private” and “public”

I think there should be an option to share my certificates with selected pilots, selected corps and selected alliances all at the same time. Example: I wish to share some of my certificates to the corp I am flying with. But I am actually a spy in this corp. So… I wish also to share them with the people in my original corp that I have currently left. But I am a really mean person and I am currently making plans to screw up both corporations for being such greedy bastards and so I am not only a double agent, but also I have connections with people from another corp and I want to share most of my certificates with them only, not their entire corp…

I should be able to do all this at the same time. I should be able to share selected certificates, selected groups of certificates or all of them at once. And yes, this may also be applied to any other kind of information, not just the certificates. For example – my assets, or maybe some of my safespots, or some of my implants info etc.

I know that any kind of info in EVE can be shared in many other ways, but I really think that if we have more ingame options, things would be a lot easier.

I say it again: I am not an experienced pilot and sadly I am not playing EVE at the moment. I just want to share my thoughts with you.

Any better ideas? Some advice? Come on veterans, share your opinions.

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