Sunday, December 4, 2011

Fitting Experiments - Tristan with Long Range Launchers

It all started after I read one post by Poetic Stanziel about her Tristan adventures. I remembered one experimental fitting that I had applied to my Tristan, but never had the chance to test. It was a Tristan with oversized launchers – loaded with Light Missiles. I managed to fit two railguns and two standard missile bays. I used some help – I fitted a CPU Enhancer and some minor power grid upgrade.

After a short discussion with Poetic, she advised me to try this fitting with EFT. So I did. I fiddled around with some options and finally came up with some optimal conclusion.

See the fitting below. Assuming that all the skills required for the modules are at level IV and the character has NO implants.
Click to Enlagre

Having in mind that most ships can tank two launchers on their own, or two guns on their own, but can't effectively tank two launchers plus two guns in at once (as we discussed), I have tried to balance the optimal range with T2 Ammo so that they correspond adequately to the oversized launchers.

This is a long ranged combat Tristan fit. I it supposed to have the ability to keep enemies away and destroy them despite their efforts to get in range.

You can see the result.

Since I am still just a newb in EVE, I really wish to hear what experienced capsuleers think about this fit.

Comment, please.


  1. The proof is in the testing and I'm hardly a PvP expert. Check out Failheap Challenge for fits developed by experienced PvPers.

    It looks pretty reasonable to me though, with a couple of points worth mentioning.

    1. It's generally considered to be a better idea to concentrate your resources on on particularly kind of tank, be that shield/armour/speed/range etc. You've taken the unusual decision of fitting rigs to support shield and armour tanking, whilst the modules you've fitted are armour-tank specific. It may be worth reconsidering the Small Core Defense Field Extender.

    2. Standard Missile Launcher are not oversized. They are a frigate-specific launcher system. Each major ship class (frigate/cruiser/battleship) has four distinct hardpoint-mounted weapon types; energy, projectile, hybrid and launchers.

    Within each weapon type there are two distinct variants; a short-range and a long-range type.

    With launchers there are guided (long-range, low damage) and unguided (short-range high-damage). At frigate level, rockets are unguided and standard missiles are guided. Cruisers have heavy assault missiles (unguided) and heavy missiles (guided). Battleships have unguided torpedoes and guided cruise missiles.

    When fitting, you have to decide whether you can dictate the range to your target and what weapon systems will suit that range.

    Your fit is very much a sniper fit, however your optimal weapon ranges are well outside the effective range of your tackle so your target can escape at their leisure. If you are going to move in closer in order to use your tackling equipment, your weapon systems are less than optimal and your tank is weak.

    But who knows, it depends as much how you fly it and what engagements you find.

    Try it out, figure out what works and what can be improved. Most of all, it's the experience that is valuable.

    I hope this helps.

  2. Thanks.
    That was truly an expert answer.
    I think that if I maintain a steady orbit at 15km I will be able to tackle with the warp disruptor, It has 20km range after all, and yes I will replace that shield rig with something more relevant. :)