Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blog Banter 30: Ammo Revolvers

Ammo Revolvers are modules that allow three defined hybrid ammo types to be cycled the way that Amarr ships switch between frequency crystals. The Ammo Revolver has three cells that can be fitted with the desired hybrid ammo magazines. When switching between them their quantity remains and does not reload until the pilot commands so and there is no need for the magazine (cell) to be armed in order to reload. The ammo cells reload automatically only in the case when the pilot continues to activate the turrets and does not switch to another ammo cell. When right clicking on a turret or a group of turrets, the menu will show the three ammo types in cells and then expand for each cell showing all available ammo types and the option to reload the current type. These are the Hybrid Ammo Revolvers.

For Minmatar ships there are Projectile Ammo Revolvers. They have only two cells for ammo magazines since projectiles take more space than hybrid shells.

There are simple Ammo Revolvers that allow one ammo magazine in cells to be reloaded at a time. But there are also Advanced Ammo Revolvers that allow all available cells to be reloaded separately and simultaneously.

I was asking myself what would be better: should Ammo Revolvers be Rig modules or be regular Low Slot items? Then I decided that it would be best if they were Upgrades purchased from the LP Store and the Market. Once the Upgrade is made the ship will be able to use the great advantages of the Ammo Revolver.  The Upgrade can be reversed, the package restored and then applied to another ship or given to someone else.

Ammo revolvers cannot be used for missile switching – only turret ammo.

Simple Ammo Revolvers are expensive and their advanced counterparts cost even more.

When the fitting window is open dragging the ammo will cause two or three cells to appear below each turret so that the pilot can fill them. Dropping the ammo to the ship model will fill each first cell of each turret. Dropping another type of ammo to the ship will fill another cell of each turret and so on, until all are filled.

These devices have some significant drawbacks to ship cargo capacity. The Ammo Revolvers that provide reloading of all the cells separately and simultaneously usually have more cargo drawbacks, but their advanced variations are more balanced and with less drawbacks. Ammo revolvers may have different characteristics regarding to reload time; time to switch between cells and such.

EDIT: This idea was revised. Check it here.

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