Thursday, November 24, 2011

Blog Banter 30: Creating Fictional Characters and Beyond

The Character Creator in EVE Online is something extraordinary. As we all know, it has more than superior character editing options regarding avatar appearance, expressions and additional customizing options all giving players the unique freedom to create the perfect avatars just like they imagine them. The following idea is something that came up to my mind when I was trying to imagine the next level of advancements that this wonderful Character Creator would have.


There are many EVE players that love to write Fiction articles, all inspired by the unique atmosphere that New Eden has. So I asked myself: “Hey, wouldn’t it be nice if we had the option to use the Character Creator to create the avatars of our Fictional Personages – the ones that we write about in our EVE related Fiction stories?”

Yes, there could be an option to create non-playable character avatars and store them in our own hard drives. Next – we could have the option to put these Fiction Characters into some predefined 3D environments like stations, hangars, ship capsules, corridors and later on – planetary environments, forests, deserts, lakes, underwater caves, mountain peaks, some planetary structures like bases, colonies and so on, and put some items in their hands like bottles of Quafe, weapons, medicine tools... Then there might be an option to set up our characters position and motions by editing their pose, expression and their interactions with the environment.

Once we set up these things we might be able to take a snapshot of our characters, selecting the camera angle, adjusting the lights and stuff. This is how we could capture the moments when our fictional personages are talking, shooting each other, running, taking cover to reload their firearms, jumping, swimming, climbing, stalking, boarding ships and so on.

In addition to that, there might be an option for creative individuals to import their own custom created 2D or 3D environments made with various artistic software like Photoshop, Maya, ZBrush and such. Then they could retouch the newly created snapshots to add their own effects and so on.

Probably it would be nice to have the option to use even our own, personal avatars and create various pictures of them for our fansites, stories and so on.

All these concepts might be implemented in some software package, provided for EVE players that tend to create fictional articles. 

The more advanced versions of this software might give us the option to create our own EVE videos. How good would it be if we could watch the next series of Clear Skies, made with such EVE Fictional Editor?

I am pretty sure that such ideas have come to the minds of many Capsuleers across New Eden. And I really think that such software could bring us to the next level and help us contribute for making our Sci-Fi universe more real than ever!

Of course, there should be some system that controls the content of these images, created by this EVE Fictional Editor. Probably some cloud server might be connected to the software, and the admins should control the images content by providing the EVE logo to these images that meet the requirements. Also - in the license agreement tof this software some rules should be listed, regarding sexual content, gore etc. Whoever violates the rules should lose their right to use the software.

The software itself could be sold in the EVE Store and let only the ones that need it to have it. It might also be developed with funds given by Players that are interested of it. There are many options here and it all depends on how bad we want this to be real.

So… who’s with me?

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